New Account for a new life, please give it a few likes.

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by ForeverStronger, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. ForeverStronger

    ForeverStronger Fapstronaut

    Just started a new account to stop fapping and start living.
    Unfortunately, I need a few likes in order to qualify for that awesome signature below my name. It's been roughly a year since I used this website, and besides forgetting my old e-mail address, I haven't gone more than a month without fapping.

    After doing nofap, my life got a lot better. No longer did I waste my time away, I'm going to graduate school soon, but since I'm a writer I spend all my time inside.

    Occasionally, while writing, I've had to describe the attractive sides of women, and not surprisingly this had led to one too many relapses. Finally, i bit the bullet and came here for help, and that awesome signature at the bottom of my name, forcing down the urge in order to tick up the day count.

    However, what's a new account without a post asking for someone to help me out?
    I actually discovered nofap over five years ago, and my longest streak was nearly 300 days without porn, but I admit M became habitual sometimes filling my hearts inner desire.

    Regardless, besides that, i just needed to fulfill my new account quota, but also silence my bad hand from forcing me down the road of no return.

    Thanks for any replies, and any likes.
  2. Talalelsayed

    Talalelsayed Fapstronaut

    Hey bro, welcome to nofap communtity, you can write some profile posts so we give you likes to update your signature.
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  3. ForeverStronger

    ForeverStronger Fapstronaut

    appreciate it, bro. Tried to leave a profile post now. Thanks for the guidance.

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