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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Inkpot, May 11, 2018.

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    On 16 May, I will complete one PMO free month. But the problem is that I have started spending my free time on YouTube(funny pranks, gaming),gaming(PUBG), tv shows and other non-educational pleasure seaking things(not PMO) but not on my studies. Still(after 25 days of no PMO), I have a sensation of constant fear in my chest, with my heart pounding fast most of the time.
    And when I have to study for my school tests(I have daily tests at school), it takes me forever to learn even the easiest topic(this never happened before) and I am scared(increased heart beats) while studying. I just procrastinate my tests and end up studying till 3-4 am at nights (I need to get good marks).
    I feel somewhat relaxed when I spend my time on games, YouTube etc but not when I have to study. I have become addicted to indoor pleasure seeking things (other than PMO).

    Should I stop spending my time on things other than studies and delete the games and stop using PC/smartphone? Studying has become an impossible task for me.

    Is it because of the dopamine receptors? How long will it take to get things to normalcy and what steps/practices can I do to improve my situation?

    Please help me in getting out of this woeful situation. I want my life back that I used to have 1-2 years before.
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    Hi Inkpot! Great question. You're definitely in the right place. Well, here's my thoughts. First of all, you need your sleep. So something's gotta give to where you can go to bed by 9 or 10. I know that sounds CRAZY and you might want say... midnight to be OK, but, don't sell yourself short on sleep. I start winding down at 8 and I'm asleep by 9. That's the REAL night life :D Plus then you will have dreams that BLOW AWAY the coolness level of any video game or youtube clip you could ever watch.

    It seems to me like your survival will be more dependent on studying for exams so you'll probably want to do that. And it won't leave you time to do the games.

    I think the games/youtube clips/tvs are limiting your brain function and part of that has to do with dopamine. So ideally you would just totally eliminate that. And it would probably be healthy to go for at least one walk a day whether its in your neighborhood you you go to the woods or beach or park or whatevers near you. Even if you had alot of studying your body still needs that walk.

    However that may or may not be possible since habits can be kind of strong.

    So what do you think you would be willing to let go of? And what do you think you would be willing or able to change about it?
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    Thanks for your reply! I once deleted the games but then I reinstalled them again(I have done this several times). Its somewhat hard for me to quit but I have to do it. Summer vacations will begin from Tuesday and I am planning to engage myself in outdoor activities. I like playing Badminton. But I will have to search for outdoor friends.
    This is going to be a challenge because my classmates often invite me to squads in video games.
    Btw tomorrows my chemistry test and its already 11:20 PM. Now I will try to finish it by 12 PM.
    (Sorry for my bad English. It's my third language.)
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    I still have my games. I haven't gamed the same amount of time I haven't PMO'ed. Instead of giving you advice like some "expert" which I am not, I should have just said my own experience. I played GBA and DS roms, and watched DBZ clips and some other random youtube clips. Those were kind of my go-to's. I didn't really watch any shows beside the DBZ clips. So... I have had some urges to go back to those. And I don't think it would totally kill me. But I guess I wanted to stop that, too, because I felt kinda braindead. I thought the game would help my concentration but it made me feel kinda braindead. I don't have much to do outside but go for walks. And most of my social life is on the phone with people from all over the world but not my town, and on forums. So anyway. I have a tendency to get all "you should do this, you should do that" but I mean I'm not perfect.
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    I find I have to be careful spending lots of time on the internet generally as I've found its very easy to eventually find your self triggered and gravitating back towards the porn etc..
    I think the addict mind is tricky and can hold us there! Hoping we slip up and give in.
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    I think porn withdrawal involves a whole lot of mental fog. I think your symptoms are probalby related to porn withdrawal. Try to exercise or hit the sauna or something like that, other positive activities, to replace the habit. KEEP IT UP MAN. YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS AND I BELIEVE YOUR MENTAL FOG WILL CLEAR UP INSHALLAH.
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    Thanks for your kind words. I also think that I am going though so called 'flatline' and it's really challenging. Now I am planning to give up YouTube, video games etc and it's going to be difficult.

    I hope all my efforts bear fruit.
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    Hang in there. You’re doing a really courageous thing.
  9. First it's no surprise that you want to fill up the gap with other entertaining stuff.
    It's all about the dopamine.

    Second: be conscious about the fact that everything your eyes see and your ears hear, will give some tension in your body.
    The pressure on your chest is a direct result of that. Stop fill your head!
    Go outside and have a walk. That's not only for elderly people :)
    Have a talk to somebody and empty your head.
    Give expression to your real emotions: fear, happiness, sadness, pain, whatever. Express it.
    Play a board game with other people.
    Hang around with other people. Hug somebody, hug your pet.

    These sort of things will give you relief, and relief is what your body (and spirit) need!
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  10. very helpful!
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  11. Inkpot

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    @Roady Thanks for replying! It means a lot.
    Your answer makes a lot of sense. I have controlled my gaming and YT addictions to some extent but haven't gone cold turkey. My heart problem has also decreased (maybe because of holidays and no work/study).
    I take short evening walks almost everyday. I told my parents about this PMO addiction(2-3 days back) and they decided to take me to a psychiatrist. I hope this problem ends soon.

    I am feeling much relieved now.

    Is this a part of rebooting process or are these generalised anxiety symptoms? Just asking because I have never experienced these symptoms before.
  12. Wow, you made a huge step to share it with your parents! Well done!
    And I 'm glad to read you feel more relieved. Also very respectful to see you take my advice and do something with it.
    (Most people read...... and think: oke, good for you, bye, and go on the same way)

    To explain your question a bit, I made this picture:
    Driehoek root issues coping mechanisms.png
    Porn is not your real problem. That's only a result of something that is your real problem.
    Anxiety for example. A "reboot" is spending an amount of time without porn, but if you don't solve the real problem, it won't work actually. Your parents did a wise thing to seek help by a professional. It will help you a lot.
    Once you learn to cope another way with your fear, or disappointments, or insecurity, you will see you actually don't need to use porn any longer.

    As you can see in the picture, the upper layers are build on the lower layers (the base).
    Once you solve and change from the base, you will see that the content of the layers above will change.
    I hope your triangle will just be filled with all kind of blessings and healthy development :)

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