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    On 16 May, I will complete one PMO free month. But the problem is that I have started spending my free time on YouTube(funny pranks, gaming),gaming(PUBG), tv shows and other non-educational pleasure seaking things(not PMO) but not on my studies. Still(after 25 days of no PMO), I have a sensation of constant fear in my chest, with my heart pounding fast most of the time.
    And when I have to study for my school tests(I have daily tests at school), it takes me forever to learn even the easiest topic(this never happened before) and I am scared(increased heart beats) while studying. I just procrastinate my tests and end up studying till 3-4 am at nights (I need to get good marks).
    I feel somewhat relaxed when I spend my time on games, YouTube etc but not when I have to study. I have become addicted to indoor pleasure seeking things (other than PMO).

    Should I stop spending my time on things other than studies and delete the games and stop using PC/smartphone? Studying has become an impossible task for me.

    Is it because of the dopamine receptors? How long will it take to get things to normalcy and what steps/practices can I do to improve my situation?

    Please help me in getting out of this woeful situation. I want my life back that I used to have 1-2 years before.
  2. Yes you better stop it and do more healthy things.
    Walking in nature is my number one!
    Cycling, swimming, other sports
    Hanging out with friends,
    Play with the dog
    If you want your life back thatyou used to have 2 years ago, then do the things you did 2 years ago.[/QUOTE]
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