New and relieved - I am not alone with my problems

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by G Maglor, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. G Maglor

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    I am new here and I will call myself G Maglor on this forum.

    At first let me say thank you! You showed me, what's wrong with me.

    All the years I have seen porn and masturbation as a symptom of my problems and not as the problem itself.

    This site showed me my error.

    Since my years as a teenager I used masturbation to feel better when something worried me. Then I got access to the internet and my addiction started. At first I watched Mangas and cartoon porn and now (roughly 20 years later) I have to watch hard core stuff for several hours to reach my O.

    When I read the list of possible psychological negative effects that my addiction to porn can have, I have the feeling that I read a characterization of me.

    Not all went wrong in my life. I have a wife, a kid and a job.

    But I never reached my personal goals. I had to quit university twice. I was never able to follow my dreams of writing stories and everything I tried and try gets lost in the countless hours I have to spend for watching porn.

    Now I am almost forty years old and it's definitely time for a change. Maybe with nofap I can turn my midlife crisis into something totally different and positive.

    Thank you and greetings.
    G Maglor
  2. WreckItRalph

    WreckItRalph Fapstronaut

    I hope you find the courage you are looking for here.

    All The best

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