New AP group starting (Age range 20-30)

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    We're rebooting our old group after a successful first accountability campaign. This is YOUR chance to be part of it.

    Hey folks. I along with a friend have created a channel on discord where we send our daily reports and encourage one another in our journey to nofap. We believe that being in a group would be much more helpful, engaging and motivating to your mission.

    We are a small group and would prefer to keep it that way with a max upper limit of 10 individuals who are in an age gap of 20-25 because it will be a lot easier to relate to eachother (as people may have similar sexual urges and life experiences)

    We have also created multiple discussion group, where there are plenty of resources for YOUR benefit, a relapse report panel and how to analyse and avoid that, and panels pertaining to the strategies YOU can use and reading material YOU can read so that you can benefit from it.

    YOU can contact me on my discord iD and ask me for being a member
    My Id on discord is: unsealedsnail#8713

    Lets hope that YOU, ME and EVERY OTHER PERSON succeed in the mission of NoFap

    PS: there are some rules would you will have to adhere to (these are created for maximum benefit)

    1. Seriousness: Be serious about how much effort, concentration, thinking and planning this is going to take. We are helping each other achieve a very important change of lifestyle that we will maintain for the rest of our lives. It will not be easy. There will be a lot of hurdles along the way. But with the right tools, habits, strategies and support, we will get there. You have to be committed to taking the required action and making the necessary changes. You have to want this with every fiber of your being and be truly committed to making the new life you envision for yourself a reality.
    2. Engagement: must check in every day or ATLEAST every other day. Members inactive on third day will be removed with no warning. Check-in means mentioning the "day" they are on or "streak" if they don't want to focus on counting days and then 2-4 sentences about their experience. Literally 5-45 seconds each day. Doesn't matter if you restart or not, you MUST still engage to be accountable.

    3. Initiative/contribute: The group is only as good as the individuals that make it up. We're in this together so let us work as a team to succeed together. If you don't hear from a member, mention them in chat. If someone is struggling with a problem, give some encouragement and advice. Think something can be done better, mention it, or actually do it. Don't know something, do research and post it in the group. Can be as simple as reading and putting thumbs up on members post to count as a contribution.

    4. Relapse report: As much as we hate it, relapses tend to happen. However, this is no reason for you to stop being committed. After relapse, you must do a report within 48 hours or be removed from the group. Relapse is going back to identifying factors related to the event and planning ways around them next time. If member keeps relapsing, doesn't show significant thought in relapse report and initiative to learn and improve, they will be removed. I think those are good rules that we can use as the blueprint for our group

    5. Honesty: Each and every member has to be honest while giving his daily report. You can maintain your anonymity of course if you prefer, but the most important thing to understand is that we're all in the same boat. What you’re going through/ will go through is something someone else has gone through/is going through/ will go through. Honesty is key. You sharing your experiences with honesty can help you gain insight from someone who’s been there or can serve as impetus to someone else – which could always end up bouncing back to you in one way or another.(edited)

    P.S. Please try to avoid being way more explicit than required when sharing details about your journey. What we mean is, please be mindful in not sharing the very finer details of your sexual encounters or the sort of pornography you engaged with. Our members are of different faiths, beliefs & orientations, and we have to be respectful of this. Also from a recovery perspective, being too explicit can be triggering for some.
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    I'm interested in joining, I sent you a friend req on discord

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