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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by SomeRandomNatty, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting a new Accountability Partner Group that uses the app kik. If you want an invitation send me your kik username by replying to this thread or by sending me a PM. People of all ages, genders, sexualities, cultures, races and beliefs are welcome. Here are the rules:

    1. Be Active
    Daily check-ins and reset/relapse reports are appreciated.
    If we don't hear from you at least once every seven days, you're out. We're sorry but the group is limited to 8 members and a lot of people relapse and give up on NoFap very early.
    If you're active for a month, you'll get promoted to admin. If you're not active for a month as an admin, you'll get degraded again.

    2. No Nudes
    We all are trying to overcome our porn addiction so it would be nice if you don't post pictures of (half) naked women or men, even if you want to show us your fitness progress etc.

    3. No Bullying
    Be respectful. We're all in the same boat and don't want to exclude anybody so be nice to each other.

    4. No Missionaries
    We want you to respect other peoples beliefs. Don't try to convince other members of your religion and please don't discuss religion.

    5. No Cyber Sex
    No flirting in the group chat. Also if you're harassing other members (in the group chat or via PM) you get kicked.

    6. Speak English
    English should be the main language. Everbody should understand each other so that there are no sub groups and nobody feels excluded.
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  2. ReCorrection both usernames were already taken: official username: Juice_187_
  3. jaytranada

    jaytranada Fapstronaut

    How many people are you looking for to join your nofap group? I'd like to join but I've found that after a certain point groups get so many members that notifications get annoying lol.
  4. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    yes you're right, I agree with you. I just want 5 active members. Thing is most of them fall like flies. They're active for a few days and then they stop responding probably bc they relapsed.
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  5. Jmm53

    Jmm53 New Fapstronaut

    Hey if youre still looking for APs my username is rutl_92. I need some consistant help, trying to go 90 days
  6. jaytranada

    jaytranada Fapstronaut

    Well if you’re still looking for members, I’d love to join! I’m usually pretty active in group chats
  7. Can i still join. Username jonlaizer
  8. Shaft66

    Shaft66 Fapstronaut

    Still room? Username Shaft1966. I'm trying out for 90 days to get PM free, I'm on day 8.
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  9. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    Hey man,
    I'm very sorry but we don't take in new members right now.
  10. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    We're currently looking for new members. If you're interested send me your kik username
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  11. DGZ

    DGZ Fapstronaut

  12. Jackbtw

    Jackbtw Fapstronaut

    Yes please! Needakeepgrowing
  13. freizeichen85

    freizeichen85 Fapstronaut

    May I join? "freizeichen11"
  14. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    sorry guys, we're currently full
  15. freizeichen85

    freizeichen85 Fapstronaut

    too bad... But thank you for your answer and good luck
  16. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    We're currently looking for new members. If you're interested send me your kik username

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