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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Mitch X, May 25, 2020.

  1. Mitch X

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    Hi everyone!
    I'm new at NoFap. Started yesterday. Still trying to find out where to post and where to find everything. There's so much here that I feel a little bit overwhelmed. Did a first post in the forum 'Porn addiction'. Then another one. Couldn't find it this morning. It turned out to be in the forum 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery'. Did I put it there myself? Or did anyone move it over there?
    Anyway, I thought I give a little update every day, but I was wondering how people do this. Do you open a thread for every day you give an update? Or do you make one thread in which you post all your daily updates?

    So enough of the questions about the forum. Like I said, this is the start of my second day. Yesterday was the first day in a long time without fapping. I guessed it helped to write down my story on NoFap and to read the stories of others. Before that I spent many hours online every day. To be honest I was almost counting the hours yesterday and was wondering if there shouldn't be a badge for reaching five hours for example. I know, that's quite pathetic, but that's the stage I'm in. I simply cannot imagine keeping up for days. But anyway, I made it through the first day.
    I was wondering, do other newcomers feel a little lost here too? Do you all have buddies? Please help me with getting started. At least to make it through the first few days. I feel quite lonely in my struggle. I guess a lot of you do. Hope to find some support here.
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    Hey there,
    Welcome to the community.
    If you are writing your journal you can use just on thread. But if you wanna start some other topic then I recommend you to start a new thread!!
    And don't feel alone even if you can't stop to. There is no point mate!! I am telling you...telling ourself that we are lonely only causes relapse in most cases. Because we tend to lose all hope and motivation. You can keep posting your difficulties and feelings here mate!! It helps relieve yourself from a huge burden. Tell yourself that you not alone in this and remember the guys in the forum who are going through the same thing as you are!!!
    I am glad that we all realised that there is a need for change!! We have to learn to be happy about it. Just keep going mate!! Your future is seen by the actions you make and not the circumstances!!!
    Cheers to you!!
    Welcome to nofap!!
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  3. Mitch X

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    Thanks for the encouragement and the kind words!
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