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    I was watching porn from 2007 but things became uncontrolable when i tried to control/stop my use of porn. When I tried to stop it increased and now this is the era of smatphones and internet i.e like earlier we don't need to make arrangements for that.
    I got addicted to Internet pornography in less than a month.
    And slowly-slowly i started to watch contents which were very shameful and were against my moral values.
    This thing filled me with shame and guilt and a part of me started hating me, my thoughts and it seemed that my soul was screeming to get out but it was trapped in this addiction.
    Twice I failed in my exams and now my currier is at streak.
    I was trying to quit porn from 25th of July 2017.
    But I always relapsed. I was always depressed, Severe cravings were there and other withdrawal symtoms.
    Books like "Your Brain on Porn" and "The Porn Trap" helped me to understand about this addiction otherwise I used to consider myself as a pervert.
    1)I joined a 12 step Program
    2)Told my mother about my problem
    3)Joined Gym(to throw all that stress and frustration)
    4)And Currently I am not using any smatphone.
    My all work is done through my laptop which I connect to internet only at place where others can see my screen.
    Like this I am sober for 100+ days from porn.
    I will also work on masturbation but atleast after one year of soberity from porn.
    After leaving porn my masturbation is also decreased and is now always healthy masturbation.
    Even today also when i am in stress or emotional turbulance porn pulls me.
    But belive me , Porn-Free live is like Heaven on Earth for me.
    My thoughts are now much clean.
    Better concentration and focus in my studies.
    Increased confidence
    and much more........
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    its as if you were describing me man failed my exams and wasted a college year too ..
    congrats man
  3. Kya baat hai himanshu bhai! Inspiring story. You made it to triple digits!! That's no small achievement. Of course it's not just about abstaining for a no. of days, but a change in mindset should reflect this. And you have improved it seems based on your posts' description. All the best with your studies!
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