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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Chinatown1, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Hey everyone, I'm the new kid on the block.

    So yeah, long story short ive had this addiction for a long time. Its been really getting me down and upset that i keep trying to stop yet i keep going back to it again and again. sometimes i just feel so depressed i wanna give up altogether :( so thats why i joined here to see if some support would help me get through my addiction so that i no longer need it. and hopefully i can help someone else and make their day if their struggling aswell. I really am new here so would love to get to know some new people.

    Im 19, female, currently at uni. i enjoy reading and writing poetry, even though i study a sciency subject. passionate about human rights and current affairs :)
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  2. Once&4ALL

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    Here are my recommendations. IF you do these things and get fully educated, it goes a log way to fighting the urges and building a great streak.

    1. Share your story - you've nailed this one already!
    2. Set up a porn blocker on your computer and all other devices.
    3. Get yourself an accountability partner on this site, and locally if you have a close friend you can safely confide in.
    4. Visit to understand the science of the addiction so you can battle it with wisdom.
    5. Watch The Ted talk here:
    6. Read posts here daily and update your journal daily - you'll understand others' experiences and how they may relate to you and be immersed in ongoing communication that we'll be daily assets for you while also helping others.
    7. Set realistic goals and add a counter to help you and everyone see your progress - small steps seem very achievable and build confidence - large ones may make you feel like it is useless. I suggest picking one day past your longest streak to date, or less if the longest "seems" unachievable at present.
    8. Ask questions along the way - we're here to help each other. Nobody will judge you here - we're here for ourselves and one another.

    Welcome to the team! Let's fight the battle against PMO and make some progress together!
  3. Chinatown1

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    Thanks once&forall! i will check out all those resources once i get a bit of time.
  4. tom745

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    hey, don't give up and never look back. you can do it.

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