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  1. TheConqueror0494

    TheConqueror0494 New Fapstronaut

    Hi, I'm new here.

    I go by the name TheConqueror0494. I guess I chose that username because I know my identity in Christ: that I am a Conqueror of my struggles. I am an overcomer. Though this is my identity, I also know that I live in this weak earthly flesh and struggles seem to be so strong, I get discouraged sometimes and succumb into the lie that I am helpless in this battle. This is why I need a community like this. I need you guys. Let's be accountable with each other and together, we shall all be conquerors.

    God bless!
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  2. Road to freedom

    Road to freedom Fapstronaut

    God speed! Remember not to compromise, but also that if you fall, you need to get up - no reason to stay in the mud.

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