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  1. I am surprised I did not find a fasting group. We have a cold shower group, we must have a fasting group.
    I'll need a lot of help and want a diverse team to build the resource for it.
    I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting and it seems to be a panacea if coupled with electronic cold Turkey in the beginning at least.
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    Interesting! What do you have in mind?

    I did a three day water fast last year and generally skip a meal or two on weekdays. Definitely helpful when working on PM.
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    I take it this isn't like robot chicken or anything. You mean internet use and stuff like that?
  4. HAHA. Yes. In my case, it was turning off the phone.
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  5. The tradition I follow has fasting as a practice so I adopted that pattern. With a diverse team, we could come up with many forms of fasting to suit a wide audience.

    What I do now is fast from dawn to dusk [16+hrs]. No food, no water. The fast also includes abstaining from foul language and all bad behavior. To make things easy, it is advised to wake up before dawn to eat.

    This is a single fast. The first day is difficult but it gets easier on subsequent days of fasting. So this method is consecutive fasts. Also helpful but the nights are dangerous in this method.

    Intermittent fasting is fasting one day and feasting the next day. This may sound easier but it is a lot harder because you don't let your body fix to a pattern. This is a much stronger technique but it can be physically taxing. I got tired after 12 days and before I could transition to fasting only twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, I had slipped and reset my timer.

    I fasted yesterday and today was feasting day. I don't know why but it is a lot easier to tackle PMO with this technique and I have experienced little to no desire.
  6. With food out of the way, I find better concentration to work. With work going fine, perhaps my fears are at bay and this could be it. The constant change could be another reason why it is helpful.

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