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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ResetButton, Jan 13, 2021 at 3:57 PM.

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    I decided to pursue working on myself and getting a job over women for now. I'm in a pretty crappy place right now. Living with my family, participating in a mental health program for almost 3 years, no job, a week in to my NoFap year of improvement. Lately I've been chasing (not literally) a girl that I wanted a relationship with at this program. It did not go too well. She was not into me and she had alot of emotional baggage and bullshit to sift through. I decided it's not for me and for now (for the first time ever) I will not chase pussy and chase status instead.

    I am going through an entire year (or at least try) and see where this spike of masculine edge will take me. I decided that before I get a woman, I will be more of a person I want to be. That includes money, a place to independently live, and a year worth of self esteem building.

    If you guys are at the point of not thinking of sex or nutting for a longer set of time I suggest you guys try it for yourself
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    Yeah. This is a great conclusion to come to. Chasing women without having your affairs in order will make it so you won't have a girl or any money/status lol

    Severing that need for validation, sex and affection for the time being is really going to help you. It's damn hard at first but just keep your eyes on the prize.
    Remember to treat yourself to whatever conveniences and comforts that you can along the way (Quality sleep is the #1 in the list of comforts).

    Forget about pleasure for the time being, man. Now all you know is suffering! :D Productive suffering. The more you embrace and learn to love it, the sooner you'll be out of this mess.

    I guarantee it.

    I'm sure you're a quality guy. Keep it up.
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    look at it this way, they provide 4 walls and roof over ur head. warm dry place to sleep at night. And food (hopefully) and if something bad goes down, you wont be alone. You'll have eachother. Count ur blessings bro. In most cases family is all u have in this world. Everyone else will turn their back on you.

    If u met her in a mental health program im not surprised. I wouldn't reccomend meeting women in rehab programs. But i understand, covid and all that.

    Yeah, i tell ppl on here all the time who are "bored" get a job and start stackin paper so u cant stunt on mfs in the future.

    This is a good goal.

    I say stay with ur fam as long as you can and start stackin a good amount so when u move into ur new spot u aint worrying about deposits, rent, unforseen charges etc. Good luck buddy.
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    Thanks for the support. Yea I'm done with women right now, too much stress. I find most of my old problems stemmed from my porn addiction. My stagnant mind state comes from blowing my energy, recharging my energy then wondering why my life isn't changing. I never let myself deal with my past. I tried and made it to one month on NoFap, I only relapsed because there was nothing to do because of lockdown. Now that it's over I can see what I can do about feeding my healthy aggression. Whenever I get an urge I want to try to transmute it into the body
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