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  1. Doupleastronaut

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    I think the "wet dreams" forum would be very useful.

    I could have a problem with my posts.
    I recently put this post:, but I have not had any response from other people and I seems strange, in fact the post describes a very important topic.
    If it is allowed I would like to know what you moderators think of you on, I know that there is no scientific evidence but , has my theory a chance to be right?
  2. Doupleastronaut

    Doupleastronaut Fapstronaut

    why am I not receiving your answer?
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, we will take it under advisement.
  4. Not all threads are responded to. You aren't entitled to a response.

    And while the suggestion is appreciated, I am not going to be implementing it. I don't think that it's a good idea to promote shame around wet dreams or that wet dreams are a huge issue to be concerned about in the recovery process. However, again thanks for the recommendation despite your strange expectation of a quick response.
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    That is my take on this one - good call Alexander.
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  6. Doupleastronaut

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    I have had wet dreams for 1 year, wet dreams block the reboot. many other people have had wet dreams for a long time.
    change opinion
  7. Huh? How?
  8. Doupleastronaut

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    the wet dream is a nocturnal ORGASM, releases dopamine.

    I think it is important to give scientific explanations to what is happening in reality.

    the first phase to give a scientific explanation: observe natural phenomena (wet dreams).

    the second phase to give a scientific explanation: to formulate hypotheses (I am trying to do it)

    my theory:

    I have used my body to have many orgasms and these wet dreams are the consequence of too many pmo in my past.

    Now let's examine what's going on.
    why does my body have too many wet dreams?
    1. physical problem MAYBE (kidney, prostate, bladder, other organs or muscles etc ...)
    2. psycho / physical problem: I have pmo every time I was excited (or worse every time I wanted dopamine).
    the brain is composed of a primitive part, here are the pleasures (sex, food etc ...).
    A person who does pmo has: desensitization.
    what does it mean?
    has a reduced number of dopamine receptors.
    the body to avoid other orgasms does PIED.
    but we porn addicts continue to pmo.
    a part of the brain still wants pmo but another part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) says "no". pmo wins.
    we cause another (reversible) damage: hypofrontality.
    hypofrontality = less resistance to impulses.
    while we sleep the prefrontal cortex is weaker and our deepest desires come in dreams.
    if a dream is sexual, the prefrontal cortex (weak) cannot hold back the desire to have an orgasm. in fact the primitive part of the brain is stronger than the prefrontal cortex.

    Yourbrainonporn says: "For an addict, it’s an imbalance of power: Weakened self-control systems (hypofrontality), are overwhelmed by the cravings emanating from sensitized addiction pathways

    Another post:
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    Yeah... this

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