New Group for Bisexual Men

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Would you like to see a community group for bi guys on

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I agree with you and I feel that any more groups for LGBT are not justified. No one really cares what sexuality someone is and what unites us all no matter what sexuality we are is we wish to overcome porn addictions and masturbation addictions and we should all willing to help one another despite sexuality differences.
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  2. Well I am a gay man and I was part of an accountability team with only straight men and that did help a great deal. At first I was very hesitant on being part of it but eventually it did not matter as we all have our struggles with porn and masturbation. I found it more helpful in my well being being in a group with men that were straight than gay men wanting to overcome porn issues and other issues associated with it.

    Of course there be people here that would not agree with me but I just stating what I have experienced.
  3. thegoodlife

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    I'm new here. But I opened this thread because that's what I was hoping it was. I have always felt bi and have only felt comfortable discussing a handful of times in my life.

    I don't think I warped my mind into it. I have been attracted to the same sex from very early on.

    I'm for it. But realise being new here may not hold much weight.
  4. xenomorphie

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    can i ask something if you guys dont mind ^_^ , its totally ok be bisexual or whatever your sexual orientation but bear with me on this one ; the last time i was watching porn , i started to find transexuals attractive MTF (i know some are legit others are cross dressers) like really really attractive (my attraction was towards this particular person who talked about her past events etc on youtube , i like how she talked smiled and her personality ), and i didnt find such attraction imaginable if you asked me few months back , so my question is , is this porn induced fetish or did i subconsciously found them attractive and realised that after watching porn ? i have been searching answer but most answers were that maybe i am bi curious , can you help me out on this one with your wisdom ?
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    I posted something as well in the bisexual group's wall the other day and it still doesn't seem to show for everyone in the group to see.

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