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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by One Strong Girl, Nov 11, 2017.

Is it a good idea?

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  2. No.

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  1. One Strong Girl

    One Strong Girl Fapstronaut

    hello ,
    I think one of the costs that come with PMO is laziness and for some of us weight gain.
    I’d suggest that you make a new group for those who are working towards a healthier life in general and/or have weight loss/gain goals along with nofap.
    Also , I think it’s important to add more habits to your routine in order to fill your time , burn energy in something good and maybe even replace bad habits like PMO .

    I’m waiting to hear back from you guys !

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    We do have the Self-Improvement section, but as that deals with the improvement of hobbies/thinking/etc rather than just focused on fitness alone, I'd support the suggestion :)
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  3. Jerk Reaction

    Jerk Reaction Fapstronaut

    Good idea, maybe I could be of assistance to someone too, I am an avid cyclist and have been able to maintain that through 30 +/- years. I would be into that group!
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  4. One Strong Girl

    One Strong Girl Fapstronaut

    that's fantastic ! i really hope there will be a group for fitness so we can all help each other.
  5. Porn Free Wanderer

    Porn Free Wanderer Fapstronaut

    I voted 'yes'. I'm also an avid cyclist and actually just signed up for a massive charity ride next year (massive in terms of the daily distances I'll have to do -- and the fact I have to raise $5,000 for the charity before then).

    I could use a section to keep me on track and maybe to help others as well.
  6. av_2905

    av_2905 Guest

    Totally agree with this. Everyone can describe their fitness journeys and help others out. Great idea!
  7. M.Hafeez

    M.Hafeez Fapstronaut

    really good idea
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  8. Rob_B_

    Rob_B_ Fapstronaut

    Sign me up, defo! I'm fat, unfit, and need to change that. Plus, I already know from some first-hand experience that exercise would also help with my rebooting. In fact, there are so many reasons why I should do it, it astonishes me that I still don't. So yeah, any help I can get on that front, I'll take it!
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  9. Max Dudent

    Max Dudent Fapstronaut

    Did this idea take off? Was something set up? I am interesting in something like this. My focus would not be losing weight necessarily but putting in time to exercise in my daily routine. If people are interested, I can create a thread or a group where people could post that they worked out. Something so it would be easy to track whether each week you worked out according to plan. I could make a google sheets doc to track all the users and their work outs and if they met their goal that week. Let me know what you all think.

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