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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Deleted Account, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Hello!
    I'm new to the forum, even though it's been a while since I've been trying NoFap.

    I'm a 21 yo guy and I'm currently on my longest streak (20 days). Most of the times I end up masturbating on the 7/8th day.
    I'm trying to resist and test my willpower.

    I've never been highly addicted to porn or suffered from ED. In fact, I can masturbate without porn with no problem (even with no fantasies). I can say that most of the times I looked at porn it was because I was bored or stressed. Once I read the negative effects that porn causes to our mental health, I decided to give up porn for a while, even because I'm still a virgin, unfortunately.
    I'm currently experimenting semen retention as well to see its effects on my body, but I don't plan on banning masturbation forever (don't judge please).

    During NoFap I noticed a lot of weird things happening to me.

    For a long period of my life, I thought I was gay or mostly attracted to men. I noticed that, while on NoFap, I feel more attracted to women and not men, especially in the last 4 days or so. This morning I woke up with morning wood that was stronger than usual and felt the immediate urge to look at some female porn stuff. I ended up edging on amateur pussy and boobs pics, multiple times.

    What is happening to me?
    Did you experience some similar stuff?
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  2. Hello and welcome!

    It could very well be that you are going back to your natural’s the addiction trying to get you to get off on anything possible. I would suggest going 90 days pmo free and see where you are at from there. I wish you all the best on your journey! :)
  3. Hi! Yes, I actually plan to do a 90 day streak. I especially want to avoid porn as much as possible, hope I will succeed.
    Thanks so much for your encouragement!
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