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  1. Vengeance 101

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    I have been addicted from last 4 yrs to this bulls**
    completely destroyed my will to study, to interact with people and see good in any event or any individual, jealousy , self doubt, self repression, sabotaging myself are only emotions i am actually acting on .
    IT HAS MADE ME FEEL HORRIBLE AND WEAK ABOUT MYSELF. i just want to study in order to clear my exam which i have been failing from last 3 yrs and have put all my faith hard work, determination to it along with my parents money , hope, belief they still have on me. I want to have good personality , more willpower, more self control and most importantly to abstain from this bulls**t. i want to break free the shekels . i will firstly
    1. reduce my triggers
    2. limit use of social media and YouTube
    3. no nude pics ,no nude videos ,not seeing people copulating erotic web series , web scene or Indian erotic scene / films/porn.
    5. no porn related surge and use either app block or net blocker
    6. will mange my stress , insecurities, jealousy, cravings
    first 7 day steak then will try to make it 21.
    PS: 1st post ignore grammar
    Love u 3000

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  3. toziko

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    Sounds like a good plan :) welcome!
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  4. Taking into account, and working on, your inner self. Wishing you a good fight, I'm confident you will win.
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  5. Vengeance 101

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    Thank you so much for your support
  6. Najesh Afrose Faisal

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    Wish you all the best.
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  7. Looks like you're on top of it!

    Welcome to Nofap!

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