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    [Please excuse my English]
    Ok so I am a 18y.o. student at high school in last grade and I have a problem with porn. More specifically with femdom porn(over a year now). And I realized that I had to do something when I got to sissy stuff.

    Even though this my first thread here I had created this account couple weeks ago. I thought that I could beat it without posting here something. However, femdom is something witch is hard to get out.

    The worst times came when I found femdom on reddit. Witch is somewhat frustrating since Reddit was my safespace. So I had to delete Reddit and then I tried to beat it by my own.

    I survived one week so easily that I thought I am going to win but no. Then RELAPSED again. After that I could make only 2 days I a row. Right now I had two good weeks between witch I restarted to normal porn. But today I got back to sissy stuff again...

    Right now feel it's going to be good since there is going to be #NoNutNovember. Also I started swimming again witch is very relaxing activity(I swam actively for 4 and a half years). And right now I am really interested in cooking and Asian food in general. The last thing what is going to keep me moving is big project witch is part of my final exam. Me and my friends are making a mobile RP game for the project. It needs a lot of my atention a work so I feel somewhat greatful fot it.

    It think I have to post more frequently so thanks for the further support guys.
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  2. Hello and welcome! :)

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