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    Hi everybody. Im new in here and been trying to reboot for a little while now. my PR is 10 days so far regarding masturbation and i actually managed about two months without porn up until recently. Last saturday i went on kind of a porn rampage and ruined my streak. Then monday i downloaded ******** for chrome (porn blocker app) and then tried to test it. turns out i messed up somewhere in the process and went straight to pornhubs frontpage. And while i was there anyway, you know how it goes. The reason im making this post is, that i've been following you guys progress for a while and that helped me, when i sometimes came down with cravings. my problem is, that Saturday i got triggered so badly, then i almost couldnt do anything but look at the screen. i opened pandoras box and now i cant seem to close it and im having a hard time handling my triggers. Im struggling with anxiety and some severe depression too. i haven't been treating my self that well for a long period of time now and beside weed (kicked that habit thankfully) porn and masturbation has been my go to self soothing technique and that has resulted in a very unhealthy sexuality when it comes to when and where. I've had some unsuccesful relationships and that resulted in some very bad sexual experiences as well, which fed the porn addiction even further. im not looking for words of comfort or anything alike, im only looking for guys or girls which have felt the same way and how you managed. Or something like that atleast. im staying positive and all of the succesful stories and the victorious achievements you guys have managed is some of my daily motivation and for that i want to thank all of you for sharing your stories.
    I hope to hear from all of you :)

    Best wishes, Mikkel

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