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    First, excuse my English, it is not the best.
    Male, 22, student
    So...i've tried nofap before and got 16 days of no PMO, relapse and forget about all this thing. Now i'm back, this is the 11 th day. I felt awesome at first, but then the demons came out. I was obsessed with shemale porn and stuff like that. I don't want to change gender, i like my penis and i don't wanna' cut it off. In two years i've went down in the psychological meaning of all my pornographic activity and I can say i am ok...kind of. I had sex just once, but, as a friend once said, "you are the man that all girls fall in love with, but no one fucks".
    You can judge me, i get it, but i got in a kind of a relationship with a 16 year girl. Again, i am 22. In my country 16 is kind of legal. Anyway. She texted me few minutes ago, asking if i am ok. (We don't live in the same town, but i don't have time for details). I said to her that "i am abstaining from personal pleasure and because of that the demons came out". By demons i mean gay kind of thoughts. Like...i am ok with gay people, but i'm not attracted to men, but penises, therefore the shemale obsession. She doesn't know about all of this.
    I've texted her for a little... Then she told me that she is "boiling" as well, but she is afraid to have sex yet. I've asked her, like a joke, if she plays with her cherry . She laughed...yada...yada...then said (in a mean way, maybe, maybe i over reacted) she once got a bj and gave one.
    Yo! Man! That thing hit me hard. Don't know why, but it did.
    Guys, i have big plans with my life, but sexuality wasn't my strong point. I guess I don't want any exact answer from you, but i want to share with you and i want the feeling that i'm not alone.
  2. Welcome to the community. You are not alone. Thank you for sharing your story.

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