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  1. Huckenstein

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    hi, my name is Jeffrey. And I’m a porn addict. I’ve been uncontrollably watching porn ever since I have had a smart phone, 2010. I’ve heard of NoFap for sometime, but it never occurred to me that I may be addicted to porn... until last night.
    My partner and I attempted to have sex, but I wasn’t fully aroused (mind you we were doing some narcotics) still managed to have some sex and climax, but I felt unaccomplished. We went to bed, and she told me “it’s alright if you stay up and party some more, I just need to sleep.” So I went back to living room, in hopes to obtain a full on erection.
    Since I was unable to obtain one naturally, I went on a porn site to help stimulate myself. Like an idiot, I forgot that I was mirroring my phone to her living room TV.
    Caught red handed scrolling through a porn site. Wasn’t watching a video per say, but it was enough to see. I was asked to leave.
    I feel so ashamed and fully embarrassed over this. I cried for hours, because I understood that she felt disrespected. And it’s not the first time she caught me. Was at her house about a week ago, and in the morning I was feeling horny, but we had a lot of sex the night before. I didn’t want to wake her, so I just pursuing around a porn site, started to Fap and she woke up. I don’t think she liked it very much, but she didn’t really say anything. Until last night. I wanna quit this habit. I wanna be free from this compulsion and find new ways of escaping boredom. I want my power back. I want my brain back. I find myself sometimes looking at porn 4 times a day when we’re not together. And there has been a couple times I was unable to become aroused because I was watching too much porn earlier. I hope I can salvage this relationship, because this woman is very important in my life, and I’d feel stupid and completely guilty if I can’t quit and I lose out on this wonderful partnership we’ve built. Thanks for reading this.
    Can use some help.
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  3. Souvent08

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    The good thing is that you are realizing the problem with PMO. Now the difficult part begins. You have a lot of reasons to start no PMO. Let those things motivate you. Do it for your relationship. Do it for yourself. You can do this!
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