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    Modern science says that Mastrubating is good for health but ayurveda contracts this theory and is strictly against it. I'm a strong believer of ayurveda since it cured my biggest problem in life. I was suffering from accute IBS since 10 years had multiple strictures in my small intestine and Ileocecal valve, went to many doctors had so many medicines and dieting restrictions but nothing helped. My father being a Ayurvedic doctor always told me that ayurveda takes time, commitment and belief. In 2016 i gave up and started following ayurvedic regime and now in January 2018 my strictures are completely healed. Now coming back to mastrubation, I knew it was bad for physical and mental health always had a gut feeling but couldn't overcome the addiction.

    Like most the users I also started Mastrubating in my teens, a classmate who sat next to me told me about sex. His intriguing talks created some everlasting visuals in my mind. I still remeber when he gave me a porn magazine to look at and I masturbated several times a day looking at it. I then reduced it (0-1 times a month) during my college days because I used to train taekwondoo. When i started working i was not frequent I masturbated around 2-3 times a month, mostly when I was alone and my roommates weren't around. Now for past 1 year I'm living alone and I've been Mastrubating almost daily, sometimes 3 times a day during weekends and it has become very frustrating because I'm getting married in December this year. I don't want to spoil my married life and my relationship. Also because of IBS I've lost a lot of weight, and i need to gain and look good before marriage. I did gain 3kg in a month but then lost it due to the bad habit.

    I've also noticed getting frequently I'll like skin problems, joints pain, brain fog, low concentration, hair fall, insomnia, depression and anxiety. And i know the culprit is mastrubation, i'm also becoming ignorant and irresponsible because of this porn addiction. I've to switch my career from advertising to ui/ux design before marriage and I'm not at all serious about it. This addiction has somehow taken control over my mind and keeps telling me that porn is actually the most important thing. I watch porn as soon as i get time like it's food. Yesterday I didn't go to office and masturbated 3 times and now im extremely angry with myself. No more I need to quit that shit now its the worst thing for humanity.
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  2. Welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like you've made masturbating a habit and you need to break the habit. Meditating might help you. It's weird when you first start but it's helped me get out of PMO ruts. If you never meditated before try the Smiling Mind or Headspace app because it will give you a nice introduction to it.
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    Great your here & you will get valuable advice,tips, encouragement , friendships ... Don't be frightened to put your hand up for help ...we are all here for you... Welcome!!!... Rob

  4. Good luck man, i truly think you can do this. It sounds like you have less of a problem than a lot of people on this site since you went a while doing it only a few times a month and now you do it mostly once a day. So, it may be easier for you to overcome (fingers crossed). Either way, im rooting for you, so stay strong.

    "Often times difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations"
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