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    I'm 17 soon to be 18. I've masturbated since I was 13. I never realized until yesterday how bad PMO actually is for you since before I always brushed it off by saying "it can't be THAT bad for you." I'm doing this now to that when the time comes for me to have a sex life, porn won't be affecting me. I've never realized how hard it actually is to break an addiction, but even on day 1 I'm constantly thinking about how easy it would be to give up even if I know I will regret it. I believe in myself and I know that I have a strong resolve and have the strength to push through, but I'm scared about the hardship ahead. Does it gradually get easier over time? Were there milestones for you guys where it was obvious it has become easier to stay away from porn? Thankfully I'm going on family vacation for a week where I can distract myself and not give myself a chance to watch porn. I absolutely don't want porn screwing up future relationships and my sex life. Also tell me what you do on days where you aren't busy to help your mind away from porn
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

    Yes, as you make progress, you will find it gets "easier" -- but, I'd rather say, that while it'll still be hard, you'll be better at it -- if that makes sense. You'll always be tempted, but you learn to deal with it better.

    But the best thing is to approach it one day at a time. If you think about a month, a year, that seems impossible. But one day, that's not hard is it? Then, another day. Then another.

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