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    Hello. I’m in my late 20’s and male. Quit porn sixty days ago today. My initial goal is 90 days, but I plan to never return to porn. I have more energy for life and view women in a healthier way now. I am, however, quite lonely and have a higher sex drive (for real sex) than I’ve ever had. What are your guys’ thoughts on the relationship between casual sex and porn? If I go out and get laid, do y’all think it would set off a relapse for me? I feel the need to be close to someone. In earlier times for me it didn’t matter who (this is rather psychopathic I think, don’t you?) but now I do still want to have regular sex, in or outside of a relationship. Is there someone here who has had experience with this particular question?
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    In your case I would recommend no pmo for the 90 days without sex if you can. Some of us on here with girlfriends who we O with can actually set us back. But if you meet a woman during reboot I have read that it can help with the rewiring of the brain too. It's really up to you as an individual how you approach it.
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