**New Ideas** --- How Do You Guys Avoid Your PMO Addiction?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by japhalpha, Feb 25, 2018.

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  1. japhalpha

    japhalpha New Fapstronaut

    Hey Guys,

    This is my first post since I've found out about this community, (7 months ago)

    I kept relapsing until about 2 months ago, and I just wanted to share 5 of my strategies on how I avoid doing the "Nasty", these include:

    1. Focusing on starting a business, and actually taking action on that idea. It takes up a lot of my available thinking time, so that I am no longer thinking about porn.

    2. Watching a TON of YouTube videos, and not just entertainment (some of it is still entertainment tho.) I watch videos on how I can improve my business marketing, how I can improve my social relationships, and how I can improve my health & mitigate my asthma symptoms.

    3. Video games, it's a great distraction when the times get tough. I play Rainbow 6 Siege, it's a game that allows complete focus, and it has an awesome online community where it's super easy to make friends.

    4. Planning hang outs & going out with old friends, (friends coming back from uni & college), weekends are for the boys.

    5. Working-Out is HUGE. It's so crucial for me because it allows me tto get all my energy out to the point that I'm so physically tired that the thought any PMO doesn't even enter my mind.

    Instead of focusing on no PMOing, I focus on other things so intently that my brain has no time to even think about porn. Know your triggers, & stay disciplined.

    Basically, I create situations that take a certain amount of focus that doesn't allow distractions. These are great because not only do they stop me from PMO, they also make a better healthier person.

    Leave comments below, & let's have a great correspondence ✌.
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  2. Pati_ryu

    Pati_ryu Fapstronaut

    Cool I am on a similar path and way.some noteworthy points tho..great job.
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  3. a1c3.77z

    a1c3.77z Fapstronaut

    In my personal experience, I found that video games are another medium that we can get easily addicted to. That's why I seldom play video games.
    For me, the most important ways for me to limit and reduce my habit of PMO are these 3:
    1. Sport - I play sport to a high level, and if I masturbate on the day before trainings and especially games, it ruins my focus and physical performance in the process.
    2. Music - I play the drums and I am currently in preparation for my grade 3 exam in a few weeks, and am to sign up to do grade 4 in the summer. Because of this, I have to get a reasonable amount of practice time to go through all grade content, as well as excercises, rudiments and my own interests. PMO screws with my focus and my coordination a little too.
    3. School - PMO ruins focus and makes the mind less sharp. You need these things to get top grades at school, which I am more than capable of getting.

    These things give me collateral for if I fail. It gives me something to lose. It os this way I manage never to binge, nevertheless I find myself often finding excuses and masturbating on days that seem less important than others.
  4. MeMyself1995.nnb

    MeMyself1995.nnb Fapstronaut

    I am following exactly the same ideas. I am also working on my startup and working on fitness by doing yoga and going to gym. Keep it going. We will surely achieve our desired streak easily
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  5. Sebby83

    Sebby83 Fapstronaut

    That's great advice! Good to hear you were actually able to take action on a business idea, that's the most difficult step. I've been exploring starting my new business and have narrowed it down to 3 ideas, but still can't seem to take significant action.
    Watching videos on youtube to better ourselves is also a great strategy to find a different use for our computers. Every time the urge of PMO comes to mind I simply watch a video on the NoFap benefits, simply to remind myself of why I'm doing this and how it is worth it.
    Keep it up man! good luck
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