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    hello everyone

    good evening

    I am ** a teen of 22 years old. I am doing masterbuate at the age of 16. the 1st time I tried it without watching porn. when the time passed I start watching a porn lot, also whenever I see a kiss scene in a film or sexual conversation in any of the series my mood changes and my brain persuades me to do masterbuating and watch porn. I started to fell that it has created a huge impact on my studies. I really couldn't able to concentrate in my studies. when I meet my female friends I am getting bad thoughts and urges. I am too embarrassed of myself. even though I knew it has a bad impact on my life I couldn't able to control my urge maximum I could able to control it for the period of 10-20 days after that the urge is powerful and I lose to myself. I really worried about myself. I want to see a good in me.i heard about this no fat community. I thought about talking a call. I hope I will try my best to overcome this addiction.
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    Welcome to NoFap! I hope you are able to find the support you need to overcome this bad habit. Take care! :)
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