New life after 45+ days, relapse and coming back again!

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    I want through this text to show my experience with Nofap, I will try to report my story in a summarized way. But before I start I think I need to present some information about myself. I'm Brazilian and I'm 19 years old (male). Since I was a kid, I do not remember my age correctly, I had discovered masturbation, just like any other child or teenager, but this was never a problem initially because I think everyone at some point in their life will discover masturbation, which can or not, become a problem.

    The problem for me really started when I was about 12/13 years old, was when pornography and excessive masturbation began to be part of my routine, I masturbated several times a day, every day. But I had no notion of how damaging this conduct was, I often tried to stop masturbating after seeing the possible benefits of not masturbating, but I had never been able to stay longer than a week, 2-3 days was impossible for me. Today I can understand how people addicted to alcohol/cigarette/drugs go through a very difficult situation, much more difficult than a person addicted to pornography, because drugs in general have a negative effect on the body (effects more negative than masturbation), and the individual being aware of this and still failing to stop should be very complicated (I know several people who have addictions and several who got rid of it and today have a much better life).

    Well, now without to much talking I will report my experience with NoFap. In the year 2018, on June 13 to be exact, I started a journey of 45+ days without masturbating, after all these years to stop spontaneously seems difficult, and that's right, but I had personal reasons (in which I think it unnecessary to expose in this report) that helped me get for the first time to stay so long without masturbating. In the first 2-3 days I did not have an enormous desire to masturbate, but whenever I thought about it the first thing that came into my head was, "I'm not going to marturbate anymore, I have to continue!" In those first days, I was already feeling good for having stayed that little time without masturbating, and with each passing day I was more encouraged and proud to continue. Then the first week passed, the second, and quickly arrived July 13, when I had completed a month, my life had literally changed, I became a new person, I went on for another two and a half weeks or so, until unfortunately on a sunny day after coming back from the basketball court (I play basketball), after having showered and lying on the couch to rest for a while, I started for some reason to think about how long I was not masturbating and this obviously reminded me of masturbation/pornography, even having already thought about it before but never having affected me because I was always focused on continuing with NoFap, this time it was different, the urges to masturbate are so strong that after some time I opened a page of pornographic videos and I began to see the images of the videos, I was very excited and with a giant urge to masturbate, I thought a lot about not masturbating again, but unfortunately, after seeing pornography again I had my first relapse, I was destroyed after that, and in short: I stayed until the present day in which I write this text masturbating as I did before, but in a less intense, 2-4 times a week compared to what I used to do (3-4 times a day, 7 days a week) I had considerably decreased how much I masturbated, but that is not correct and after masturbating again yesterday, I intend to not masturbate again and as a help to this new journey I participated in the NoFap community and I am writing this text, in which I think it will serve as an inspiration/help to all who also want to be part of this lifestyle.

    What has changed in me after 45+ days
    NoFap attracts many people for the possible benefits of not masturbating. To demonstrate the changes I noticed in myself during this period, I copied a list of benefits quoted by an anonymous on the Quora website and wrote what I think about each one. I've removed some that are ambiguous or which I found unnecessary.

    More energy
    I was definitely much more energetic, I think this is one of the main benefits I realized, I even did a consultation before starting NoFap because I suspected of heart problems or pressure, I felt a lot of fatigue, I felt like something was sucking my energy. Then when I decided to take the test result to the doctor I had already spent 3 weeks without masturbating (it took me a while to get the result to him because I had some unforeseen things). The doctor said that I had no problem and I was feeling super energetic.

    Less depressed


    More confidence

    Yes, more confidently to do anything.

    You definitely start to feel happier.

    Less anxiety

    I realized that I was less anxious.

    Increased social skills

    You start to interact with other people easily.

    Highly motivated to succeed

    You begin to consider starting new projects (personal/financial, etc.) that you did not even imagine doing.

    Highly motivated to do more
    Because you feel more energetic, you become more willing to perform various tasks.

    Highly motivated to approach real women

    True, you naturally begin to interact with women in a much more sentimental way.

    Increased fat loss
    I did not notice any difference.

    Increased muscle growth

    I did not notice any difference.

    Improved workouts
    Yes, you are much more disposed.

    Improved sporting performance
    As a basketball player, I realized I was more willing on the court.

    Deeper voice

    I did not notice anything with my voice during this time.

    Improved skin
    I did not notice anything with my skin during this time.

    Thicker hair
    I did not notice.

    Increased hair growth (Facial, body and hair)
    At age 17 my beard was full and without major glitches, but I noticed that it grew faster and fuller. I also realized that some minor flaws have disappeared, I do not know if NoFap was the cause of this, because I believe what defines this is genetics, but these are observations I had during this period.

    Less sleep required
    I'm not sure about that but I realized that my nights of sleep have improved.

    Brighter eyes
    I did not notice.

    Clearer skin
    I did not notice.

    Increased attention from women
    This is one of the most desired by those who start with NoFap. During this time I realized that the women looked at me differently, not a glance, but a look that sometimes made me embarrassed (especially at school during high school). On the street I noticed that more women/girls complied and looked at me too. There have even been cases where I have been praised by them. I do not know the cause of this, but I know that for some reason these things happen. This may seem like things teenagers want to happen during NoFap, but that's what I realized about this topic during that time.

    More respect from men
    I did not notice any difference.

    Improved memory
    I did not notice any difference.

    Removal of brain fog
    I felt more focused, more able to concentrate and pay attention to things.


    A cure to hair loss
    As I said earlier, I realized that some minor flaws in the beard are gone, but I do not know if NoFap is the real cause of it.

    I did not notice any difference.

    Controlled aggression

    I felt calmer in the face of various situations.

    Improved relationships
    As I said above your ability to interact with other people increases.

    Improved immunity
    I did not notice any difference. But for some reason I rarely get sick. That's nice!

    Increased stamina
    Yes, I realized that I had more energy to perform any task and also during sports (basketball and others).

    You must be wondering, why did I masturbate again if all these benefits came out. I do not know either, but now I'm willing to go back with NoFap as far as I can and I'm participating in this community to motivate me to continue on this journey, because alone is much more difficult.

    Some tips and remarks

    The famous Wet Dream I think is normal, at first I had several times, and for being something unconscious, you should not worry too much about it, as time passes the occurrence of them also decreased.

    Avoid being influenced by pornographic content in any way. And also filter your thoughts to not fill your mind with bullshit.

    Do not do nothing, it is very dangerous and you have a great chance of having a relapse if you do not have something to do.

    You may have heard this several times, but it works. If you have a great desire to masturbate, do something, if you are lying down or sitting, get up and go do something, take a shower, do some exercise, anything. But do not stand still, especially in those places where you are most vulnerable to having a relapse.

    Do not try to do it alone, well if you are reading this is a sign that you are no longer alone. Such a community can be of great importance.

    If you find grammatical errors in the text let me know, English is not my first language so I may have written a lot of things wrong. If the text of some form was offensive to anybody, let me know also.

    I wish everyone luck to continue with their goals!!

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    Go on brother. Apparently, the biggest problem is the temptation to open a porn video or to view sexy pictures. These pictures make us lose our focus on Nofap completely and just give us a crazy urge to masturbate.Try to resist the urge to view porn by viewing inspiring content.
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    True, I realized that I do not feel like masturbating without some kind of pornographic content, so if we can eliminate those contents, NoFap becomes easy and natural.
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    Well Written. Thank you for you insights !
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    Amazing story man! Also, I like your formatting. Almost like a professional report. I am glad to learn that you benefited greatly from the choice to abstain from PMO. PMO is a disease and we all are fighting it!

    Thank you for sharing your story! I wish you many more successes in your life!
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    Thank you so much!
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    Thank you so much! I wish the same for you!
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