"New Life November" 2017. Keep on rebooting. Official PMO-free accountability thread.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Alexander, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. jahebes

    jahebes Fapstronaut

    This morning I'm feeling and thinking about some urges. After much deliberation and reading on this thread I have decided to not act upon them. Sometimes these urges stick with me for a long time, so I really hope that doesn't happen. I'm not sure how this will play out. Right now I'm just managing my mind and minding my hands.
    "The passing has the perfect pleasure"
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  2. Love369

    Love369 Fapstronaut

    Dear Fapstronauts.

    November is approaching the halfway mark and I trust you are all keeping strong and true to yourself.

    The community is always here to carry and support us throughout this battle we face within, Always.

    Keep strong and achieve the goals you set out.

    Happiness is an inside job



    I believe each of you will find it!

    You have the power.
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  3. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Benefits will come, though probably not immediately. . . . Remember: most recovering addicts climb up and slip back and must try again and again until they get it right. That isn’t pretty to watch and inspires skepticism. You’ve said you’ve changed before but you didn’t change. You promised to be different but you were the same. Now you’re saying that you’ve changed. Again. That you are well intentioned and sincere might take the edge off the lie, should it turn out to be another lie, but it won’t take the edge off their disappointment. The only persuasive argument now is to make recovery stick and wait until your loved ones see that it’s real.
    ~ Neil Steinberg and Sara Bader, Out of the Wreck I Rise
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  4. Love369

    Love369 Fapstronaut

    Truly inspiring words., puts a difficult journey in such a good perspective @Ayjaydubya, thanks :)
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  5. OriginalStormblast

    OriginalStormblast Fapstronaut

    Still going strong!
    Nearly at 30 days no pmo so far on my nofap journey.
    There have been a few hurdles and tough times but they are behind me for now.
    At this point I don't see myself returning to pmo, I feel so much better without that shit in my life.

    Keep going everyone!
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  6. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Half of November is complete!
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  7. simba97

    simba97 Fapstronaut

    Sorry, haven't really been checking in lately... but have been working hard and going strong.
    And also, i think i've fallen in love guys...and i don't know how to tell her and it's killing me inside. :(
    we have such a good vibe, i'm just too afraid to ruin what we've got by opening up to her about my feelings.
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  8. slitebg

    slitebg Fapstronaut

    Sounds like it could be mutual! Don't want to inspire false hope though, I'm actually a guy that girls find very attractive... For a friend! Almost never for a lover. I guess it's logical overall (I'm not exactly the macho type), but who knows. Anyway, I guess you should just go with the flow and your gut feeling. I'm guessing that even if the girl views you as a close friend, she won't be overly enthusiastic, except if she feels some chemistry too.. Ah, maybe someone else can offer better advice. If I were you, at this point in my life, I would probably go for it. In my experience, women like action more and talk less. I'm not saying grab her boobs just out of the blue but maybe some small gestures to show her how you really feel?
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  9. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    “It ain’t a question of his being a good boy,” Mama said, “nor of his having good sense. It ain’t only the bad ones, nor yet the dumb ones that gets sucked under.”
    ~ James Baldwin, “Sonny’s Blues”
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  10. constantine_iii

    constantine_iii Fapstronaut

    Hey guys,

    I relapsed for the umteenth time today. I'm more determined than ever before to rid myself of porn, FOREVER. I'm scared that I'll never be able to get over this addiction, it's so discouraging every time I give into my bodily desires. I keep playing mind games and convincing myself that I really want this, when in actuality all I want is to be rid of porn to make room for all the other wonderful things life has to offer.

    I need help...

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  11. simba97

    simba97 Fapstronaut

    When i look into her eyes, i'm legit a fool for her...i literally get stunned and forget what i'm even saying.
    I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. I'm actually traveling next week so i think i might ask her on a date when i get back maybe? She'll probably be on my mind the entire time even though we'll be oceans part.
    Thanks for your advice man, appreciate it!
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  12. slitebg

    slitebg Fapstronaut

    Oh man, I sure remember that feeling! For better or worse I was in love like that with a girl for years, man... Too many years. Enough about me though. This is your quest now, very nice, giddy feeling, I know. Just stay focused on the NoFap and the rest will fall into place I guess. Don't overthink it, though. I know how exciting a new flame can be but don't get overexcited, too (I'm not aware of your age or temperament but staying chilled out while on NoFap can be e a challenge at first). If you push too much or care too much (and show it!), girls tend to pull back a bit, or at least that's been my the case with me involved.

    Man, do I sound glib. Bitter past experiences talking, don't mind me.
    Just seize the moment man, go for it, do whatever your heart tells you.
    We all have nothing to lose, ultimately.
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  13. simba97

    simba97 Fapstronaut

    You have no idea how much this has really opened my eyes. I trust that everything will fall into fall when it's meant to be. Thanks so much bro, much love <3
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  14. OriginalStormblast

    OriginalStormblast Fapstronaut

    Ok checking in, I'm at 32 days now.
    It's hard to believe I've already passed 30 days. It's gone by quickly.

    For anybody reading this that has any doubts - do not give in to your urges, they will pass, and you will gain strength in every hurdle that you overcome.
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  15. Benjorizzo

    Benjorizzo Fapstronaut

    Thank you all for being here - for some reason making commitments on this site really helps. I've waited too long to re-commit for November, but better late than never. No PMO for the rest of November, and with God's help, on to December!
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  16. Ayjaydubya

    Ayjaydubya Fapstronaut

    Keep on trying. It can be easy to give up when the going gets rough. If you give up you're sure to lose. If you keep going you can and will win!
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  17. KennyX93

    KennyX93 Fapstronaut

    I have a girl in class throwing it at me hard and the interest is mutual on my side too. So I'm in I HAVE to defeat this.
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  18. slitebg

    slitebg Fapstronaut

    Hey guys, difficult day PMO-wise. I just looked briefly at some P on my laptop I had downloaded some time ago, rationalized it with some idiotic train of thought.

    I deleted most of it and didnt even get an erection but I really felt that rush, that elevated heartbeat, the anticipation that something was about to go down - something exciting and rewarding, something naughty and some guaranteed pleasure. And that heat in my lower abdomen, rushing into my genitals, begging for a fix.

    I actually felt afraid this time, I felt my heart constricting, I felt my conscience screaming - this is NOT you! This is not good for you! You gain nothing by engaging in this! Even if some release in necessary soon, this is not the way! Thank God, I believe I withstood the first real and dangerous trigger + urge in this streak and hopefully I've learned my lesson. It seems what everyone is saying is true: 'regular' urges last up to 5 mins and if you stay firm in the eye of the storm, it passes and you easily regain control.

    Stay strong everyone, we have nothing to lose by leaving PMO behind but we have everything to gain!!
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  19. Love369

    Love369 Fapstronaut

    Dear @slitebg I'm very happy you didn't give into the temptation. That is one huge step towards recovery! If you still have any of that crap on your PC permanently remove it so that it is out of your life for good. 18 Days is a strong streak and you can build it ever furthermore.

    Wishing you strength and clear minded thinking going forward.

    Kind regards,
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  20. Hattori Hanzo

    Hattori Hanzo Fapstronaut

    Hello everybody I took a break from this. (I relapsed)
    Anyway right now I might be motivated enough to get back on track.

    I didn't make it very far. Last time.
    Anyway I hope you're doing better than I do...
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