New rebooter - PIED, M with GF nudes, relapses, need help

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by billylaflame, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Hello fapstronauts, I started this journey about 21 days ago. Had a 7 days streak until I did MO (thinking of a girl I'm dating with) and then I got a two weeks streak in which I was feeling (and still do) feel like I'm in heaven.

    The thing is, I started this journey because I have had a few episodes of ED, which I assume were porn induced. I haven't had sex in about ten months, and by that time I had rock solid erections. After those few episodes of sex, I started masturbating on a daily basis and couldn't get horny with the real thing.

    Last night I was sexting with this girl I love. I think I am on my flatline, cause nothing was going down there, but I still wanted to fuck her like a rabbit. So, I started touching myself, (masturbation and touchin the whole body) watching a few nudes she sent me. I was able to get it up watching her, touching myself and thinking of fucking her, and reached O (with an intensity I had never felt without the real thing).

    Furthermore, just to give you more information, I think I am in between phase 1 and 2, just not there yet. Morning woods are coming back (just not every morning and is like a 65% erection) but it seems to be going better. Anyways, last night I nutted and today I didn't wake up with a morning wood. Just got a semi erection thinking about last night. I don't know if I should worry.

    In conclusion, is a relapse this way a bad thing? Is it even a relapse? I mean, my whole goal is to stop suffering PIED and enjoy my sexual life again. And I think it was okay since I was getting horny with something real, and concentrating in the sensations. The good thing is, P is over. Never watched again. Anyways, I am trying to avoid MO if I can, just wanna have sexual energy acumulated. And how much time can I have until my erections with a real woman are back? I mean, I will have the opportunity to have sex in a few days or weeks. I NEED to know if my dick will work. Besides, I am doing pushups and abs since I think it will make the whole NoFap journey not only easier but also faster. I think I should see good results soon, since ten months ago I could easily get an erection. Anyways, help? Some advise? Thank you in advance fellas, and sorry for the bad english!

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