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    Most of us successful rebooters have "quit porn" dozens of times before our final reboots. These stumbles and falls are opportunities to evaluate what happened and figure out how to not let the same patterns repeat themselves in the future.

    Somebody emailed me and thought that a relapse forum section would be a good idea. What do you think? It can be a place to report your slip-ups and request advice/encouragement from the community for moving forward. Additionally, I can embed some information on what to do in the case of reset/relapse, FAQs, and motivational material to get rebooters "back on the horse again."
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    I like the idea. I think it would be a great place to provide relapse analysis if requested. Very often relapses are the result of poor strategy and/or inexperience and a section for flushing out these types of mistakes would make for a better reboot experience. Some users are phenomenal when it comes to introspection and able to pinpoint with razor accuracy what led to the relapse. Those are also some of the most successful rebooters here in my opinion. I think the relapse report section would provide a good counter balance to the success stories section and I'd be happy to contribute to it.
  3. I was just thinking about this, actually. I think it would be great, because a lot of people create new threads for their relapses anyway, and it can be tricky to know where to put them. Also, it's a little more immediate and "attention grabbing," I suppose, than just writing it in your journal where people might not see it right away. And I think when most people relapse, they need a little bit of immediate support.
  4. It doesn't sound a bad idea at all. Hopefully it will somewhere contain the phrase: "BEING COMPASSIONATE AND ENCOURAGING TO SOMEONE WHO HAS RELAPSED IS NOT THE SAME AS ENCOURAGING RELAPSE," which doesn't always get across in this forum ;) - p'raps I should shout?

    When you had a previous thread discussing possible new areas for the site I mentioned the "SOS Thread" on an alcohol recovery forum I use, and I wonder if the two might have some overlap. It's a place to go both when on the verge of relapse so people can help you with your urges and say, "DON'T DO IT! GO FOR A WALK!" (though they don't have to shout), and also a place where people can regroup after a lapse.
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    I'm always in favor of more subforums

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