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  1. Leaving it as it was. This way, it is emphasised, highlighted and given it's own place.
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  2. I don't frequent kids playgrounds. :rolleyes:
  3. David0895

    David0895 Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your support and such beneficial activities.
  4. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    Yes. That's what I meant. [​IMG]
  5. NoBrainer

    NoBrainer Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Nice, can you move all of Waldo101's threads to this section? Please and thank you. :p
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  6. Yeah, and move all of @Deadlihood's threads to this section? Good riddance. :D
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  7. squilliam

    squilliam Fapstronaut

    Off-topic can be a refreshing place to go after wading through lots of deeper, heavier things in other sections of the forum.
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  8. I don't have a problem with off-topic. I was commenting on the new sillybox.
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  9. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    Negativity is your strong suit.
  10. Not for the people that are serious about their recovery and don't arse around.
  11. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    Can't see how it's a problem to say go there. Seems like a fine idea to me, @Alexander ;]
  12. Deadlihood

    Deadlihood Fapstronaut

    Everyone has different coping methods, IGY.
  13. Is that why you play the fool 90% of the time? Does it help you to quell your addiction? If so, fine. All I am saying is, let us place all such things in the kiddies sandbox. That way, you still get to use your chosen coping method and those that wish can join you. What's wrong with that?
  14. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    Not sure what any of that means. Your points were heard, so maybe it will get retracted.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander Website Admin
    Staff Member

    With its own section, it is easily avoidable by those who are interested in serious discussion. As it exists, low-effort posts can be posted everywhere. This is a compromise between free-for-all and deleting all of these types of posts.
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