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  1. I am starting Nofap on
    16 December 2020.
    I struggled a lot in 2020 to quit pmo but failed and i regret.
    I made Progress this year
    i brought down the frequency of pmo from 2/3 times per day to 4/5 times a month.
    I Pray to the God 2021 and further life will be the pmo free for Me and You.
    This is very dangerous addiction and we have to overcome it and it takes time,failures so If you fail, Stand up again and Start a New Journey like Me.

    Nofap Start Date : 16/12/2020
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  2. blacklabel92

    blacklabel92 Fapstronaut

    Good on you bro!! Thats it!! Always get back in the fight! I know we got this!! Im rootin for ya!!
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  3. Good Luck Brother.
    Keep Moving.
  4. Yeah good luck, may exceed in your success brother.
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  5. Yes Bro.
    Keep Moving and All the best to you too.
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  6. I
    I wish same to you My Brother.
    Keep Moving.
    We will make 2021 and further Life PMO free.
    All The Best @TV Dinner
  7. I relapsed Today. Two Times i relapsed.
    Feeling Very bad but I am Happy that i am Making Progress.
    4/5 times per day to 4/5 times a Month.
    It's very Hard.
    But i am Forgiving myself otherwise i won't progress.
  8. MexFighter

    MexFighter Fapstronaut

    ¿For how long have you an addict?
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  9. Started pmo in 2014
    Trying to quit from 2016
    still trying
  10. MexFighter

    MexFighter Fapstronaut

    Oh okay.. 4 years now.. Well.. I would like to say some things.. It has been 11 years for me to try to quit sexting, masturbation and orgasm (SMO) and I'm just DONE of trying and failing and trying and failing.. that leed me here to NoFap.. Even when I don't consume porn anyome I'm still an addict to peaks of dopamine by SMO.. My longest streak's 5 months last year and I'll tell you this..
    We are immature.. emotionally immature.. It's hard to hear it but it's the truth.. You want to quit but you also want the pleasure and it's easier to fall into PMO that fight it with self-control.. it requires character and willpower .When that truth hit me I realized I was soo into the confort zone with being sober 5 months and then relapse.. Dude, I'm an addict! There's not half measures with addictions.. .Does anyone knows about your addiction? My greatest advices is: confession..
    Talk about your addiction with a good friend or family member. You need to say it loud, speak out, hear yourself saying: I'm an addict.
    I'm saying all this cause I've been there.. sayin ""Oh at least this time I just did it for a few minutes".. yeah but an alcoholic doesnt drink a lil cup and then keep sober.. An addict DECIDE to stop forever.
    We are all together!
    The best of the lucks!
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  11. Bro what you said is Absolutely Correct.Thanks for your Support and Care.
    Bro I am very much addicted to porn.
    my highest streak was only 20 days.
    I am relapsin after 10/14/15 days i can't go further without pmo.
    I was heavily addicted to PMo.
    and i can't confess to anybody.
    I am very much alone.
    No parents,No friends ,No family.
    All people around me,they are just scolding me without reason.
    I feel very bad. Everytime i am having Suicidal thoughts.
    I don't know which will be last day.
  12. MexFighter

    MexFighter Fapstronaut

    Yes you can. You think you cant but actually you can!
    That cannot be truth.. there has to be at least 1 person..
    Listen, I've been there. I know how you are feeling and right know you only can see darkness but THERE IS HOPE. You life has a big purpose and you have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved.. you life, your experience gonna help others in the future.
    To beat this adicttion you need discipline! Your body gonna tell you "I need PMO" but your mind has to be stronger and say: I can live without PMO".
    Sorry but you're not a baby that cries cause he wants candies.. you're an adult now and you need to start to fight this battle. Do the thing! Put blockers, talk with a professional, go to work out, eat healthy..
    This adicction is not a game.. Stop wishing and start doing!
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  13. Yes You are right.
    I am not a baby i am an adult.
    I have to Stop this.
    Thanks for your valuable Advice Brother.
    I tried alot to leave pmo and failed every time after some days but this time I'll go further without pmo.
    I will leave PMO forever.
    Yesterday I was feeling like i have to watch porn,It was very intense feeling but i took blanket and i slept.
    So Now I am Saying to PMO.
    Bro I am Very Lonely so this is causing depression and suicidal thoughts.
    What should i Do??
    I am Lonely from childhood.
    Nobody loves me.
  14. lykan

    lykan Fapstronaut

    Man, are u really do PMO 2/3 times daily....
    Bro stop doing that...... Where do you spend most of your time?.... If home then go out..... Go for a walk or ride..... Spend some time with friends....
    Don't watch webseries or movie at least for 1st 21 to 30 days.....

    And whenever you feel to do PMO just come here and read some of new stories why people want to quit.... If you are really done with this then you find too many ways to quit...

    Best wishes to you for your journey

    Wc to nofap
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  15. I_Can_Do_Itt

    I_Can_Do_Itt Fapstronaut

    You masturbated or watched porn after 5 months?
    did you have wet dreams during this period?
    It doesn't make any sense , after 5 months you failed, you should have been cured completely in that period?
  16. Yes I was Overdoing it.
    In 2014 I started.
    That Time i was in college and i was doing pmo about 2/3 times per day.
    From 2016 I was Doing it for 4/5 times a day sometimes 6. I became too skinny so i tried to quit but i failed.
    Since I'm trying to quit pmo.
    from aug 2020 i was doing pmo 4/5 times a month.
    I joined nofap community in October.
    I met people Like You.You Encouraged me to do Nofap, sometimes i failed and Now I can Do it.
    I am Very much Lonely.No parents No family no friends that's why i am very much depending on PMO.I know this will not solve my Problems but it will increase.
    I was Dumb when i was a Teenager.
    Thanks Brother for Your Support and Care.
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  17. I_Can_Do_Itt

    I_Can_Do_Itt Fapstronaut

    Why your badge is zero days... you couldn't resist for two days since 18dec?
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  18. lykan

    lykan Fapstronaut


    Don't worry this time you can get out from this......

    I also don't have too much friends..... But i think i have to make some friends....because this fu*****
    PMO make me so lonely..... I spent too much time in my room before nofab.....
    It has been 6 days, I have started spending my time with one of my school friends….

    I make a decision that i spend most of my free time with friends or outside home..... Because bed is my trigger point.... You have to find some way to quit PMO..... And if u super serious about it then u must have to find a way before its too late.....

    You have time now or never.... Decide....

    Sry for poor english
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  19. I acci
    Actually i don't know how to set that badge and signature.
    I just clicked on signature and there it was showing Day 0.
    I didn't relapsed.
    Yesterday i was going to watch P but I resisted myself.
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  20. Yes now we have time to reboot ourselves.
    My trigger is watching something little erotic.
    I can't resist then.
    So i am not watching tv and movies on mobile
    no YouTube no Instagram No Facebook.
    I'm ur friend buddy don't worry.
    We will succeed for Sure.
    I am having Extreme feelings to do pmo but i am not doing it.
    my English is also poor & sorry for that Bro.
    Keep Going Bro.

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