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Is lockdown making nofap harder for you

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    my problem is porn not masterbation. So while I am in isolation I am going to abstain from porn not masterbation. This might seem weird since the goal is no more pmo, but masterbation is not my problem. So my plan is to abstain from porn for 30 days and kill the worst urges with masterbation. After the 30 days I will also quit masterbation.

    I have tried no more PMO in lockdown for 4 months and I keep failing (while in lockdown). I want to quit porn above all so I am sacrificing the masterbation benefits for it.

    So far my strategy has worked I am 7 days clean and feeling good. I need to go 23 days more. I have gone 140 days without pmo. I know what I am doing and in lockdown I can not do both. I don't masterbate often so I think it is worth healing from porn and sacrificing masterbation benifits. I believe that the benefits from quiting porn is way more than masterbation. Lets hope that lockdown ends soon and that I can go back to the normal way of no pmo.

    lets stay clean guys. If you are reading this I wish you all the best
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