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    Hi all,

    pretty glad I found this support group! Here’s a bit about me;

    I love sex. I love anything remotely related to sex. As a result, I’ve been in a long term relationship with my hand for a good many years. The dilemma is that my fiancé/love of my life, whilst being very attractive, doesn’t fulfil my sexual needs and that’s a shite conversation to have with anyone. Every other aspect of our relationship is spot on but not the bedroom! Now I know we can work together on that but I think I’ve masturbated myself into a state of “little/no sexual stamina” - my thoughts are if I abstain, this will improve as my senses will not be so heightened - is this rational thinking?

    I have been sexually actively for 10 years (deffo part of, if not, the reason I’m so addicted to anything to do with sex). I’m certain I get more of a hard on when I masturbate than when I fuck, anyone (it’s been going on a while, not a cheater!).

    I have wanted to give up masturbation for a long while but I always fall at the first hurdle. I just seem to be horny all the time..

    I’d love to share/hear/be guided by some of you more experienced NFs as to how to abstain in order to improve my sexual self-confidence and ultimately, my fiancé and I’s, sex-life.

    Thanks all,

  2. I'm not a marital/sex guidance counsellor, but why not try viagra to help you stay hard? Maybe even cunjer up a few scenarios that you could introduce to your partner to. Maybe she can play with you, for you? Maybe you could introduce her to the fantasies you entertain when playing around with yourself? Just putting it out there...

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