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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Matt182, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Matt182

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    Hey guys, day one today. It’s time i sorted this out once and for all. Would love any tips/encouragement that could help. Thanks so much, Matt.
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  2. Hey @Matt182 ,

    Welcome to NoFap! You are in the right place. My experience here is that I needed to learn the program and also get involved with the community.

    The best resource I found was the “Getting Started with NoFap” guide. It is on the NoFap homepage and you can download it for free.

    Then, watch this video:

    It is really good and explains so much about how the blasting of porn images into the brain in high definition on high speed internet while slamming porn sounds into the ears with headphones can literally change the way your brain demands sexual stimulation.

    The video explains it better than I can.

    Also, a great page is my experience is that by reading every link and watching every video, I learned so much.

    Then, I got involved with the community. I'm not anyone special on here, I don't have any magic powers. But, I can say hello to new members, post my journal entries, remember to “like” peoples posts, and offer my experience, strength and hope where appropriate.

    Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums,

  3. J. Fylz

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    Hey brother! Proud of you for taking this step! Let me know i can help keep you on track.

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