New to nofap, would like to get a permanent out of sissy hypno loop

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by XMA, Feb 6, 2020.

Can a sissy fight back and take over the elite?

  1. Of course, always remember one man army

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  2. Why even try, they've got all the power

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  3. Nofap is to be a platform where we collectively can defeat the ones creating sissy porn

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  1. XMA

    XMA New Fapstronaut

    Hey everyone, I am new here hoping it would help me take back the control of my life. I'd like to put an end to sissy hypnosis, I mean what is it all about. Out of curiosity I'm deep down inside this rabbit hole. I sometimes loose control over my body only to gain it back when I've masturbated. What's this regret feeling? I am all okay with LGBTQ community and all but it's not exactly what I want. How does it is happening? The same thing with multiple people. All wanting to be a girl until they masturbate. If I'm not in control of my body at the time then who is, who is making us masturbate like girls? What could be their agenda. Does the long sissy hypnosis FBI waring real? Is CIA also involved in this? Mkultra? If it's the elite that are planning this then who can stop them, they've got all the money and power. They want us to not be awake, they want us to give in so they can get even better control over world population.

    For once, I saw it as all good but only if I was one with money, power and control. Look if there is no one to resist anymore for the orders, keeping population in control and command is really easy. Well in future if there will be mindless sissy, they'll not be going to participate in wars. Power will be limited to elites only as everyone will be under their control.
    See, it's like a pyramid on top there's only a few but on bottom there's many (I think this would be new way of upper middle poor classes maybe ending poverty and war)
    1. Elite - New world order (new government)
    2. Rich - will have money but no power over elite
    3. Slaves - no power, no money, no control
    What do you guys think? I'd like to know your thoughts on this.
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  2. Samadhi Pañña

    Samadhi Pañña Fapstronaut

    Hi, guess it‘s less complicated than you think. Elite, FBI, CIA? Who killed Princess Di? How did it happen you ended up addicted?
    See something, watch it, get aroused, feel pleasure, get relief. Then see again, watch it, get aroused (less), see more, feel pleasure, get relief. It’s the Bonobo in you. Trigger, behavior, reward. You keep repeating a behavior, it becomes a pattern, eventually it becomes compulsive, you an addict.
    The interesting question for me to begin with would be how to get out of the compulsive acting out loop.

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