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    Hi there,

    New to the community. I've known this community for a while and I thought I try to make the first steps to admitting my addition. I have a pornography addition for most of my life and the dynamic of sexuality is more of a curse than a healthy part of an adult life. This is caused me to see sexuality as a crux rather than normal. I do not see girls/women as sexual in reality as I've somehow managed to create a paradoxical relationship with sexuality and pornography and women. Sex, sexuality and porn are the same thing for me and women are completely different. When a pornstar looks like someone in my personal life, I cannot even picture or imagine them and I do not get "sexually excited". Perhaps the solution lies in seeing someone in reality as a sexual partner in a healthy way and not fantasise with pixels on a screen.
  2. Hi @avichetri and welcome to our community. We are glad to have you here and it is great you started the challenge. I am sure you will achieve your goals when you try hard and keep strong :)
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