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  1. GamingNerd1234

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    Hey everyone I am a 38yo male who is looking for something different in life. I feel I'm addicted to porn (while pleasuring) not any other time and spending so much on phone sex also. I want to stop!!! Of course I'm addicted to masturbation and do not have sex with my wife anymore at all. I don't know exactly where to start except to stop everything now!!! I welcome any and all help. Private messages or replies, either. Thank you all for your time.
  2. Brooklyn Jerry69

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    I'm not sure why you haven't gotten any replies to your posts. You have come to the right place if your trying to quit this addiction. You can see by reading here that its not easy.Good luck!
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  3. Shuffledude88

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    Welcome man! You are on the right track. There is plenty of good tips here! I'd suggest reading some in the "Success Stories"-category. Very inspiring and relateable! :)
  4. control your life

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    Welcome here friend . Here you can get the knowlege you need to get rid of this addiction . Good luck on your journey

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