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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by 2005GOAT, Sep 17, 2013.

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    I'm a 26 year old male , who has had this addiction for about 7 years now. I'm at the point of my life, where I am realizing that there is more to do with my time. I waste numerous hours PMOing usually only once , but like it says numerous hours on a daily basis and am just tired of doing it and feeling guilty after. I have a great spouse, and feel that this is ruining our relationship, because I would rather be hiding in the basement PMOing rather than spending time with her. I can also say this addiction has made me a unsociable person with my spouse, we tend not to talk much, because I feel my addiction has changed my attitude and outlook on life. I hope this community and forum can help in times of temptation. I have started the 90 day challenge and am feeling good about it so far, but the temptation is harsh. If anyone has words of advice I would appreciate it!
  2. I'd recommend keeping a daily journal on this site, there's a section of the forum specifically for that. It helps keep you accountable to the community and it's motivation to keep the streak going, posting about a relapse is no fun at all. Also, find one or more accountability partners, and I've heard exercise is good, although I haven't started on that yet, I'm a fat man trapped in a skinny man's body. Oh, and cold showers. Look it up, and do it.
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    does your spouse know you look at pornography?
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    Welcome 2005GOAT!!!!
    You and I are in the same boat as far as PMO and marriage. Wasted time and inattention to wife and life were my main reasons to stop. Just still trying to figure out how I ended up on yourbrainonporn and here after a night long PMO three weeks ago, but I guess thats where I was supposed to be.
    I would mirror nonamesamuel's question and also ask, do you plan on telling her about the addiction and challenge?
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    Just joined myself and can totally relate to the guilt / doing it while being married. I'm in the same boat.

    Right now I'm trying to just channel my energies differently when I get a craving. IE instead of going to one of the porn sites I'd typically go to, I'm spending the time on yourbrainonporn or here. I don't know that the amount of time I spend per day on it will go down initially, it might even go up if I'm writing a journal on here, but I know that it will be time MUCH better spent. Good luck!

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