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    Hello my name is monkey mode. I am new to nofap although i have dabbled in several YouTube videos on the subject in the past month. My story is a unique one as I'm sure everyone's is, I have been emotionally damaged in the past and started masturbating at a young age without really knowing what it was. I was severely awkward around girls in middle school/high school since i started and only really developed any social skills around junior year. This is when I got my first girlfriend. That is a story for another time though. Long story short the next 4 years were very intense and involved dozens of very close encounters with women, which gradually got less meaningful to the point that my last sexual encounter felt to be mutual masturbation. This year I turned my entire life around in many ways including kicking my addictions to nicotine and alcohol, as well as going sober off of marijuana and my last sexual encounter was so meaningless that i was drawn to the conclusion that I need to fully stop thinking with my dick and kick this addiction. I am currently 7 days in and the cravings are pretty strong. I have come here in hopes of mutual support and to gain a sense of community with others dedicated to bettering themselves as an event that happened last fall left me without 95% of my former friends.

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    You've come to the right place! Welcome and all the best!
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