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    I am 24, I have been a PM addict for probably 10 years, twice a day is normal for me. This habit has been destroying my life and I want to know is it possible to genuinely reset all the bad I've accumulated through my bad habit?

    My main obstacle is I am in a LDR, most LDR you meet up in between, in this LDR I haven't met up for 3 years. She live's in another country and it just hasn't been possible. If I get my life fixed then I'll probably get her over to the UK on a marriage visa, or if she manages to immigrate to a country like Canada she will have freedom to visit I can visit her too.

    P negatively affected my relationship with her, I was treating her like a P app, if she didn't get me excited I would go to P, I replaced her with P, things go out of hand multiple times the P becomes not enough, i turned to sexting with strangers, even M with them on sites like omegle. She was heartbroken and even that after a while when I get so low I return to it. I would never cheat with someone in person but I made my amazing woman into a virtual gf and me cheating via online random people was virtual so it didn't feel real. I don't know when I will finally be able to meet up I could be between 1 - 3 years. We still hold on to the amazing time we had living together for a half a year before she left the UK due to student visa finished.

    We lost intimacy but slowly caring about each other more since recently I've been making progress against my depression. I haven't seen her body or done anything intimate with her for the past 3 months. Slow progress that has led me to go on to a record 5 days without PMO. The past few weeks our relationship has been much better, we talk everyday and take interest in each other lives.

    I want to know what are the do's and dont's are...
    - How long should I be stopping PMO
    - Is masturbating on webcam with someone you are in a relationship permissible during such a journey
    - Does this mean no more nudes or sexy pics from my gf?
    - Am I allowed to sext with my gf?
    - If I am allowed to orgasm with her through a phone call/video call how often should I?

    The reason for me to go this journey is to improve my life and relationship. Plus I've seen so many videos saying how beneficial NoFAP is and finally I am giving it a serious shot.

    Well done to everyone who read all this, thanks looking forward to your advice.
  2. Hi SweetLobster. Welcome to NoFap. I don't have experience with LDR but If I were in your situation I would quit PMO altogether including webcamming with your gf. You say you are serious but you still have all these questions related to sex with your gf, which is fine if you weren't addicted to PMO. If you want the full benefits of NoFap you have to go all in. I'd try to do a 30 day reboot and take it from there. Porn should be out of your life completely for good in my humble opinion.
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    Thanks for the reply, yes I will try and do 30 days no PMO since I have done 7 days already! Of course no return to P!

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