New tracker idea for SA and SO

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  1. i have 2 questions:

    Can you add an “acting out as an SA”? I want to track my actions... but can’t really while tracking my pmo-free? Is there a way to do this?

    Given SO deal with betrayal trauma and not pmo.... why not a tracker for “ # days free from BT?”
  2. There is an option to change your counter to "meeting my personal goals," which can mean whatever you want it to. But I don't think you can have two counters at once, which I think is a shame.
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  3. I know about that option but isn’t that for things that replace pmo and go along with self improvement?

    I’m saying nofap has a separate forum for those acting out with SA but makes no tracker to measure it?

    As for the SO, some are tracking their partners’ success from pmo using the pmo trackers—-why not measure their own success in responding to their triggers for betrayal trauma?
  4. It's for anything you want to use it for.

    They can... by using the "meeting my personal goals" function. There is a community here for SO's, yes, but I would say the primary function of this site is to help people overcome porn addiction. So that's what the trackers are for. If you want to track something different, then use the "meeting goals" function. I mean, they can't be expected to add special trackers for every little thing anyone wants to track that might be related to porn addiction. That's what the "meeting my personal goals" option is for, to customize your tracker however you want.
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  5. I see your point here; I guess a dual tracker is still needed; to deal with multiple issues that aren’t measured in one.
  6. Yeah, I think it would be nice to be able to have more than one tracker
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    I have three low-tech counters in my signature.

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