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  1. Hi, I'm Nicolas, 23 years old male, 0 day of noFap today. Nice to discover this worthy forum and I will be happy to have many friends on this journey.
    I've been using porn oriented boobs since I was 14 everyday because of boobs.
    At that age, I noticed that my sexual taste was only turned to female boobs and when I discovered internet, I started searching for these specific things such as "boobs in bras, big boobs, big tits... you get the point" to always get aroused and masturbate.
    Since I started doing this activity, I don't enjoy watching people having sex or thing like that but the only thing I've been watching is boobs. This has shaped my sexual taste and perception of sex as a man and I think it's not normal.
    I'm always depressed, social anxiety, isolation, when I see women, the only thing I see is their chest that always gets me aroused.
    I tried my best to fight against it but nothing. I hope, This community will help me become a new person.
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  4. Cool, I think We need to do it together to get far
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  7. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community :)

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