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    My aim is forever.
    And do not worry about the no ejaculation issue, because it is not a problem. When your brain sees that you have too much sperm, it will simply make you orgasm while you sleep. Do not worry ;)
  2. Your the man Bro!
    188 days!!wow!
    "Nofap isn't about finding a girlfriend,its about finding yourself"
  3. Thx for all the positive replies.
    In sports (e.g. martial arts) there is a saying: "If you want to achieve true mastery, you have to practice for 10 000 hours". So if i calculate with being awake for approx. 16 hours a day, this would mean, that I would have to stay PMO free for 625 there is a new goal :)
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  4. So another month passed, and what did I learn?...
    Well, first of all, I think that the most valuable thing I learned this month is, that fear is my own worst enemy.
    And I am not even talking about the fear of getting rejected by a woman I am interested in (atm I do not have a woman close enough to fall into that category) - no, I am talking about the little fears that occur day by day.
    There are some tasks that I would not consider as being important enough to make a major difference in my life. And for that reason I can easily postpone them to a later time. But the more I do that, the lazier I get.
    So if it does not make a difference, why not work on the tasks as soon as possible? The main advantage is, that e.g. the task is something that has the potential to make me feel uncomfortable, I can confront it immediately and therefore I can faster move on to the next important thing.
    And as mentioned before: starting with the little things gives me the opportunity to grow and everything I solve will not occupy a part of my sub-conscious mind.
    Getting rid of my fapping habit has of course been a major step. But since it is out of my mind, I am able to see many more aspects in my life that can be optimized.

    And even though I know that I am not really in the position to give advice to anybody, I still want to urge everybody who feels lonely and is looking for company, to socialize as much as possible. The older you get and the more chances you miss, the more difficult it is to find a partner (for the obvious reasons that your social circles will get smaller and therefore the amount of potential partners decreases too).

    Nevertheless, remember: stop fapping as soon as possible. There is no real benefit in wanking your wiener (apart from the dopamine high, which is actually treacherous).
    You can do it.

    I wish you all the best.
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    It's very true to raise the fapping issue to a moral level for that it's not the personal willpower, but the whole society is taking a toll on us. Just look around, there is ALWAYS something sexualized by the mass media. A muscle car is with a naked woman washing the car. A bar is with a hot woman drinking and a restaurant is with a classy woman sipping fancy wines.

    I agree with you that we need to stop viewing the society as it is and start looking internally within us and ask, "what the fuck have I been doing these years?" Sounds funny but yeah, the society has been injecting dopamine into our brains.
  6. Way to go Hampster! I'm happy to see you are 200+ days and counting. I needed to read a post like yours not because I was struggling, but I needed to see I'm not alone on this journey and that someone else is ahead of me, setting an example of discipline and determination. Stick with it, don't ever loose focus from your goals and what you wish to accomplish while you are on your journey to freedom.
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  7. Yeah, I totally agree. Maybe getting rid of my TV habit a couple of years ago was also a very good decision, because watching TV also influences the sub-conscious mind - over sexualization is the result.
    Thx man. I am happy to be of help :)
    Keep up the fight - I am sure we will win in the long run, and one day we will look back and fapping will be nothing more than a distant memory.
    I wish you guys all the best
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    Congrats soldier! Keep going!
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    Most of social media, let alone dating apps, have more or less amplified the over-sexulization to the mass crowd. Even a 12-year-old is wearing a fcking tight leggings! So yep ditch them and you will be fine.
  10. 243 and still counting.
    August has passed and I have to say, that I feel totally normal.
    Well, at least what I consider as feeling normal, because I actually do not know how to feel normal, because I have been fapping for way more than half of my life.
    I experienced one disadvantage regarding the benefits: after a while they are not that important anymore. At first I was happy and satisfied that I saw so many positive changes. But one day those changes turn to be normal and therefore they do not feel special anymore.
    So I can not pretend to say, that I am still "growing" - porn and fapping are just out of the question.
    But maybe to test myself, I took a risk and went out with some friends and got very drunk (I decided to stop drinking when I started my reboot at the beginning of this year) - and nothing happened. So I can assume, that I could get drunk from time to time without being worried about doing something stupid (fapping, or even worse: hookers) afterwards. That's a plus.
    But nevertheless: I realized that alcohol is still bad, so I think I won't put myself to the test again.
    At the moment there is nothing more to say.
    I wish you guys all the best.
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    Thanks for the update. It does give me a more "real" insight to the future - we all expect too much in the short term. In the longer term, things start to get normal - and that's exactly what we wanted.
  12. Yes, getting back to "normal" is the best thing we can achieve. And I am convinced that, once achieved, it is possible that some other problems can be fixed too.
    So the fight is definitely worth it - I wish you all the best.
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  13. 270+ days - there was a time when I thought, that I would never make it to this point. Hell, there was even a time when I did not think about to stop fapping. But here I am.
    And as the nights get longer and the days get colder here in central Europe, I realize that I am a lot different then I used to be.
    Back in 2016, at pretty much the same time of the year, I relapsed from my then longest streak and I was in a bad place. Psychologically.
    I again got triggered by every pretty girl I saw on the streets. I even realized the exact moment and still remember the exact thoughts, I even acknowledged to myself what just happened ("Well, this girl triggered me. I'll go home and fap to porn.")
    And I knew that a mindset like this is really bad, but I still decided to give myself time to cope with the situation and to level out what I like about fapping and about porn. Therefore I decided to "wait" until the beginning of 2017 and start then with my new reboot.
    This decision had several advantages: first of all it did not feel rushed. It was more like "easing" into it. I was still able to make up my mind about PMO and I realized the other things I had to take care of (e.g. blackout drinking).
    And at my first long streak I desperately tried not to count the days, because I tried to keep my mind away from the PMO monster as good as possible.
    But this time around I consciously choose a day (1st of January) and I use a counter. Because I figured, that it might be better to face the thoughts than just to try and avoid them.
    Where am I know?
    Now I can safely say, that I realized that porn is bad and not healthy at all (at least for me - maybe there is something that justifies its existence and its role in society, but I am not sure about that) and I also think that fapping is something unnatural.
    There are very brief moments when I think about porn. And I let them happen. A couple of day ago I was going to work and suddenly I caught myself thinking about porn. I don't know why and I am pretty sure that I have not been triggered. The difference now is, that I can easily dismiss the thoughts and with a smile on my face can go on with my life.
    The fact that I almost entirely quit drinking helps a lot. Regular sports activities do too.
    Apart from that I know that there are many more things to improve in my life and maybe I was able to beat the PMO monster only because I substituted it with other habits. There are good ones (sports) and there are bad ones (watching movies and shows).
    So I guess I will take the rest of this year to make up my mind about the things I want to change in 2018, so that the PMO monster slides down a spot on my list of negative things and it gets replaced by something different to fight, and every year something new is going to be put on top of it - until the PMO monster is fully covered, invisible and only a distant memory...
    I hope my words can help some of you, because I really think that our fight is very important.
    I wish everybody who decided to read my thoughts, and everybody else as well :) , all the best. Good luck, and never give up: it is totally worth it.
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    Very inspiring !!! Keep it up
  15. Very nice! You've got this. Keep doing what works.
  16. 300+ days - I made it, and I am very proud.
    As mentioned before, my main focus now is to try and keep on improving my life. I do not know the exact reasons, but right now this seems rather difficult.
    It feels as if I reached a plateau without a chance to "level up".
    Sure, I still can see a lot of things worthy of improving - but I don't know how.
    For one this might mean something: maybe I am at the core of my problems. I eliminated all the rubbish and now I can face the root of it all.
    But I do not have PMO as an escape mechanism anymore. Sure, like I wrote last month, there are other ways to distract myself from the important things.

    At the moment I feel very tired and lonely and I lack motivation to do a lot of things. The worst about this is, that during work days it is not as bad as on days that I do not have to go to work. So my free time is basically ruined.

    Maybe I am just in a bad mood. Maybe I just felt the need to write down that not everything is great all the time.
    And maybe everybody who reads this can take away something from it: improving your life is not just stopping PMO - it is a full concept.

    I wish you all the best.
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    But then it's not Abstaining from Orgasm xD
  18. well done to you!! keep it strong !!....
  19. Thx, keep on fighting
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    inspired by your words,thanks
    And keep going.....

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