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    Hello y'all.

    I've been reading NoFaps forums and been involved with setting no pmo goals for a while now and finally decided to dive into the community. I realize that I cannot pmo without others help and accountability. Today is day one for me. I am so tired of not being in control of myself and want positive long term goals met. I'm 25, been watching porn since 18\19yo. Every day I will do something to benefit me as a person. The longest I've gone is about 45 days with no p. My ultimate goal is 90 no pmo.

    I'm looking forward to connecting with my fellow fapstronauts.

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  2. @MissionPossible ,

    Hey, welcome to the forums.

    You've done your homework, you know the program. For me, the next step was getting involved with the community on here.

    There are lots of great people on this group, and they all are willing to help. So, keep in touch. Stick to your experience, strength and hope when answering people's questions and you will do great .

    I know what you mean about that 90 day goal. Numbers that big make me cringe. I can't think about trying to get to such a big number. But, I can do today. I did not pmo today, and I don't plan on pmo tomorrow. That kind of thinking has gotten me a few 24 hours with no pmo, but I let the counter keep track. I'm just concerned with today.

    Keep coming back, let us know how you are doing,

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  3. @MissionPossible ,

    By the way ---

    Hey y'all.

    Have you noticed that y'all is starting to be singular as well as plural? Really, I can visit a friend all by myself and be told, "now, y'all gotta come back soon".

    The new plural of y'all seems to be "all y'all". So, when there's a group of people it's, "all y'all gotta come back soon".

    Hey, not everything on here has to be about keeping my hand off my willy and my computer off porn sites.


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