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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Raycharles, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Raycharles

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    ok here goes.

    Tonight is my second night of nofap.

    I'll be brutally honest and frank. I think that's the point here and I'm old enough to know I'm not alone or saying anything new to anyone.

    I'm turning 28. I've been fapping since I was maybe 14, maybe younger. I've fapped in bathrooms around the world, I've fapped in cars, plane name it I've fapped at work at home at friends houses, everywhere.

    I've had broken friendships because they found my shemale porn history on their computer. My uncles and aunts have caught my porn history when I was younger, my own family has seen my porn etc. Never been busted live tho.

    I'm not a scumbag. I'm successful, I run a large business, I've banged at least 10-15 girls in my life who were real girls not hookers. Hell I've banged hookers too, I lost my Virginity to a hooker in Amsterdam when I was maybe 15.

    I can talk to girls I'm good at it, not a player but I'm never alone, always have some action going On.

    Now my problems:

    1. I have revived a relationship that i fkd due to commitment issues and objectification. I was engaged to her and broke up and broke her heart. She's given me a second chance and I know we love each other. I want to keep that and PMO will destroy that again for me. I know inside I love her and I'm going to marry her this year, but I need to get rid of PMO.

    2. It's fkin hard. Years of habit sometimes 3-4 times in a row. I need all your advice.

    3. PMO has led me to delayed ejaculation with girls. I LOVE THIS AND SO DO THEY. Of course I can't enjoy a blowjob anymore and there have been times where I can't cum from sex but wow do those girls love it. They found a dick they can ride for hours..especially on a guy who knows how to use it WELL.

    Problem is I need to get PMO out of my life but I don't want to lose the "endurance". I like that it takes me an hour and it's what makes the women keep coming back.

    HELP. Man to man.

    Ray Charles
  2. astrofighter

    astrofighter Fapstronaut

    Look into tantric sex, you can last longer and create new kinds of orgasms.
  3. iceman40

    iceman40 Fapstronaut

    Your story is similar to most of us on this site: watching porn fucks you up!!! Questions is how bad you want to stop? I have tried in the last 10 years to stop but no luck. After 30 years its time. Wish me luck.
  4. Sir_Faps_a_not

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    Karezza is nice. It is actually non-goal directed sex. It is more based on connecting than climaxing. My wife and I don't do this type of sex that often but when we do it lasts a long time and feels amazing. It's worth a shot. Good luck.
  5. kirby109

    kirby109 Fapstronaut

    -There are different lotions and stuffs you can use to help you last longer.

    -Sometimes its a matter of technique in order to help you last. Certain positions or rhythms can help you nut sooner or later depending on goal.

    -Trying to practice "mind over matter" may help too. Try thinking about baseball scores, long division, whatever can get your mind off the whole "I'm 'bout to blow!" feeling.

    -You can try finishing her off with your hand, or pulling out and then eating her out too. So you nutted! doesn't mean you're going to stop and leave her high and dry. I don't always finish last, but I always try make sure my lady finishes damnit! Unless she lets me know that she doesn't think she's going to be able to orgasm or she's sore or worn out. Its rare, but it happens. You may also consider recovering, recuperating, and then revisiting the range when your weapon is back at the ready.

    -an active healthy sex life can help you last too, bang her as often she'll let you and you might find yourself lasting longer each session.

    -Finally, consider the possibility that masturbation may actually be hurting your endurance. Your hand is generally not near as pleasurable as a woman's body. You get used to fapping, and real sex takes you to a whole other level that makes you blow a whole lot sooner. You fap more in order to desensitize prior to sex, but then you wind up in essence having mediocre sex (Masturbation) 9 to 10 to 100 times for every 1 time you have amazing outstanding mind-blowing sex (IE with a woman). If your sex life was more quality sex vs quantity fapping, you might find yourself getting used to sex that feels amazing, and not PMEing as much when you are with a woman.


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