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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by SYourself2, Aug 21, 2021.

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    I'll admit I was one of those people who didn't think this forum was anything worth looking at but I've started to realize a problem and I've accepted that I needed help.

    About me: mid 20's, watched porn when I hit puberty almost like everyone else around my age group. At first when I got into college, things were ok, I had a girlfriend and we were able to have sex very easily (my brain had not been conditioned yet). After we split though, I turned to porn heavily and slowly my sexual interactions got worse and worse where achieving and maintaining an erection was more and more difficult. My last relationship was particularly difficult, we had successful sex only a handful of times but most of the time it took forever to try to get me to be able to penetrate her. I was PMOing to porn at least once per day, and sometimes it was bad enough where I would PMO 3 times in a day. I probably averaged around 12-14 times a week for a very long time, especially during quarantine where I've felt increased boredom and horniness.

    My plan: For now, I'm going to go easy-mode and slowly try to approach normal-mode as my body heals itself. I started my plan last week where I lasted 6 days before I masturbated without porn to release the tension and urges I had. I intend on still masturbating (though as infrequently as possible, and only when the urges are simply too strong). I am giving up on porn forever though, and I feel like my main issue with with masturbation and the urge to release rather than with porn. For now, the initial goal is to only masturbate once per week and slowly build that time frame longer and longer until I no longer have urges to masturbate, only when I choose to. I refuse to let my brain continue to control my life like this.

    If this plan doesn't work, I may switch to a full-hard mode for 30-90 days to try to make more dramatic changes.

    Hopefully this will be the road to recovery and healthier, better sexual experiences for me. I'm interested for the vets of NoFap is this plan is something that is better to start off with rather than immediately jumping into hard-mode and if anyone who followed a similar plan experienced benefits in the short/mid/long term.

    Cheers, and let's do this!
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    Definitely would like that! I've been looking for an AP to no success. I'll DM you for details!
  3. Welcome to nofap . Your plan seems great. You have an appreciation as to where you think you are and are working sensibly forward and open for amending it when need be.

    Best of luck with everything!
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    Thank you! I know I don't have the willpower yet to go full no PMO, especially if I try to force myself into a 90-day cold turkey challenge right off the bet. I plan on training my willpower and NoFap like a muscle, almost like doing pull-ups. At first, I can't do a normal pull-up so I use the machine to help take some weight off my body, then I'll transition into normal pull-ups, then one day I hope to be able to do weighted pull-ups.
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