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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Happy Man, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. Happy Man

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    I'm new to the exercise world and spent 2 days on youtube to get educated lol.

    I just decided to purchased a second hand book on amazon: you are your own gym. It has lots of pictures and I could always youtube the exercises to make sure my form is correct. This book is about building muscle with body weight. Still waiting for my book to arrive.

    I'm going to start very, very slowly. I have extremely weak muscles. I did some push up but couldn't even do two, so I modified it. I'm doing the girls version, crossing my legs.

    I'm done 4 sets of 5 push ups, with my legs crossed. I be doing it through the day, to build some strength.

    This is my first day and havn't decided which other exercises to do yet. Let wait for the book and see what happens :) I'm 42, hopefully I can build some strength

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  2. Happy Man

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    It's been about 2 days of rest. Today, I did 7 reps of cross leg push ups and about 4 sets. I'm keeping an eye on my form. I will continue to do push ups through out the day to build strength. My muscles are very weak at the moment. Still waiting for my body exercise book to arrive.

    I do a lot of walking in Central London, it might be too much cardio.

    Im reading the Arnold book. Apparently I have to keep track of the measurements of my muscle. Maybe even take a picture. Just something to take note of for now.

    So new to all this, looks like it will be a steep learning curve and will be making tons of mistakes

    Age 42
    Hight: 5 feet 8 inches/ 172cm
    weight: 11.5 stones/ 73kg


    I just realised, I'm doing press ups wrong. My arms are to high. My arms have to be align with the chest area. I need to keep an eye on my form.
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  3. Happy Man

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    I did my normal cross leg push ups. I did around 5 sets of 8. The last set, I went for 12. I think I give it an other 2 or 3 weeks, then do proper pressups.

    I learnt today, it's better to have a 1 minute rest after one set and continue.

    I started to experiment with a broom stick with 2 chairs. It's a very easy version, of the pull ups. Man, I have weak muscles lol. It might take a while.

    I'm still reading the Arnold book, that book is massive. I think I'm 1/6 th of the way through. Some parts are helpful but some are not so helpful. The beginning parts are not so useful but as your progress, I guess it gets better.

    I am apparently an endomorph body type. A lot of fat around the waist
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  4. Happy Man

    Happy Man Fapstronaut

    I did some: (let me ups) today

    I did 4 sets of 5 reps. This is a new exercise for me and I'm struggling lol. I'm on easy mode, my leg are touching the ground and balancing on my legs, so it's easier to lift myself. My body weight book, has arrived.

    I think next week, I will try the hand stand door shoulder exercise. I havn't decided which shoulder exercise, I want to do yet.

    I feel extremely tired, don't feel like exercising my muscles. Need to figure out why I'm tired
  5. Happy Man

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    I done 6 proper pressups. I stopped doing the womans version. It's not a lot but I feel like, I'm building strengh. I'm progressing a little at a time. Will continue with 4 or 5 sets.

    I done pull me ups with chairs. I'm still struggling with that one. Still not used to it yet. Did 4 sets 4 reps. Back is killing me lol. I wasn't strong enough to do properly. Still using my legs as leverage.

    I also started laterial raises yesterday, with small dumbell. Sometimes with 1kg or 2.3 kg. I need to focus on form first, incase I hurt myself. This is a new work out routine. I didn't measure this one, I need to measure it for next time.


    ok did 2 set of 6 press ups.

    2 sets of 8 girl press ups

    2 sets of 4 girl press ups.

    I doing them 30 seconds apart of stop muscles from repairing itself, to feel a pump.
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  6. Happy Man

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    I'm making a lot of newbie gains. I decided to document everything offline. It's kind of boring because it's how many set and how many reps. I try and beat what I did last time, doesn't always work obviously but slowly am gaining more strengh. I havn't given up. In fact, I brought more equitment for myself to build more muscle. I'm eating more protein than usual. I also took a picture of myself with my shirt off to figure out which areas to work on. I'm still new and have a lot to learn. Hopefully I will get to where I want in the next 3 to 6 months. Will keep you updated then. Good news on the muscle part but I just relaspe with pmo. Time to start the timer again :/
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    Don't we all learn that from youtube now?? :D

    it's so good to see that you have a really strong spirit and you're making progress at the same time, keep it up man!
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  8. Happy Man

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    Thanks man lol Youtube is the thing now haha. I built a bit of muscle but it looks like I'm stagnating. I finished the Arnold book and now on to Mike Mathews. It looks like I need to be procise in what I eat, protein, carbs and fats. Weighing the food. It looks like a lot of work :/

    I still have belly fat because of my diet. I need to eat my protein, I think I'm slipping up there hahaha
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