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    Hey guys, so I am a new member to the nofap community. Ive struggled with porn as early as my 6th grade year. At first it was something that brought comfort and pleasure. Then it has transformed into a battle I am fighting tooth and nail. Due to the covid 19 pandemic going on, ive been trapped inside with literally nothing to do. Things have eased up and we are allowed to go outside now. I am trying hard but Ive always slipped and felt just worse than trash. Ive seen the dangers porn brings and yet I still find myself falling to this curse. I am now a senior in college and have decided to take control of my life. I no longer wish to go only days without PMOing, I want to go the rest of my life. I want this curse away me forever. I want to be the best man I can possibly be in the future. I have a dream. My dream is to do professional stand up comedy just as kevin hart, adam sandler, chris rock, eddie murphy, and other great comedians. I also wish to be a top notch actor. I wish to achieve wealth so that in the ultimate end, I can help other men young and old who are struggling with this porn addiction. I know I cannot achieve results without action and self discipline. I lack self discipline and have come to this community for help. I wish to make this a new family and bond with you guys!
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    Hi there... :)
    Good luck for your goals :)
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