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    Hi guys and girls!
    I'm a 22yo french guy, and I decided to get in the Nofap train recently. However I would like to know if it is a bad idea to flirt and date during a reboot, and how did you guys know when the reboot was completed. I can feel that I sometimes want to peek at sexy pics but I know that i can do at least 2 weeks free of pmo because i've already did it in the past. I didn't feel anything but sex desire during leasure time after those two weeks. So i guess the secret is to be busy until the desire stops... that's the reboot ?

    Thank you for your time guys, i'm proud to chat with persons trying to be the best self they can be !

    I apologize if my english isn't perfect, I wouldn't mind if you point out my mistakes ! :)
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    Welcome to the community! 5 days is Good ....... you are on your way to Success!
    Good English too.

    1. Flirting and dating during your reboot is possible. Pros and cons. Just keep your pants on....... and
    remember that extended kissing triggers sexual arousal -- so do short kisses with your attractive (hotties) girlfriends.

    2. "and how did you guys know when the reboot was completed?" Good question. I've
    read its.....90-180 days.........different people have different results. Others can probably give you a more definite answer.

    3. "Bounce and Starve" your eyes from sexy photos, videos or women you see during your day. If
    you immediately lust after a femme, that is a bad warning sign. Lusting is bad. If you have good intentions.......... you can talk, do a mini-date [1-3 minute], kiss any woman, etc. The world is your playground :)
    But probably best to take your time with the friendship-relationship.

    4. "So I guess the secret is to be busy until the desire stops... that's the reboot ?"
    If you mean "busy" in the sense of being 'stressed' or 'nervous' or 'obsessed' is a no. Being "occupied" with positive, productive activities, work etc. is a yes. Sometimes we all need to redirect or distract ourselves with Good Activities. Also, a daily check list with 1-7 items can be helpful. (Hint: each time you CHECK off an item on the list.......... dopamine the 'happiness' chemical is released.

    5. TRICK -- If I get tempted ....... or sad ........ I just go to a) Click on the red "Emergency" button at the top right of the page. Find an image or message you like............ and Leave the Window Open (= positive Influence). b) Then check any of the Forums....... and "Like" posts......... give people helpful "advice" etc. This works tres MANGNIFIQUE to redirecting .... or distracting ourselves to good behaviors & activities that we are proud of. And the temptation fade away .......

    Bonne journée
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    Thank you very much j_pwc_bat !

    Yeah I meant occupied when I wrote "busy", like practice a sport you like, learning something new etc. I use a notebook instead of the checklist but the idea is the same, whenever I hit the gym, I write down my perfs in the notebook so as I can see my progression. Therefore there's the feeling of achieving something. I also use it to remember deep thoughts or even dreams, in a way it's like a private diary. Reading is cool too, especially if you have a the chance to discuss an idea present if the book with a friend.

    Concerning dating I'll remember your advices :) I've been thinking about it for a couple days and I think that I won't be satisfied with a relationship which isn't serious. I did it in the past, once, and I felt kind of ashamed by my behaviour. I'll just try to keep healthy friendships and eventually fall in love with someone !
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    Im with you on that man, I find myself looking at pics thinking " I'm just looking what's the harm?" but I have come to realise that even looking at a sexy pic your brain is wanting its chemical fix which can lead to relapse.

    I have tried dating but found it a strain and especially using dating websites is risky as you are looking at pictures and some are in essence "sexy" so that would start my train of thought of wanting more sexy pics. But as the guy above said ( and I agree) its best to starve yourself of anything sexually stimulating for the time being and keep busy.

    Good luck man :D
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  5. Sirius

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    Thank you bro !
    It's cool to be encouraged, I feel like I belong in here, cool community :)
    Did you guys wanted to date more than usual during the reboot process ?

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